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Press Release: WTA Sponsors Colors of Heroes Organization

Press Release: WTA Sponsors Colors of Heroes Organization

June 13, 2016


Worldwide Trophy Adventures is pleased to begin a sponsorship of the Colors of Heroes Foundation, in support of U.S. military veterans.


Military veterans are often scarred in visible as well as invisible ways. The Colors of Heroes Foundation (, started by a wounded veteran and his wife and based in Michigan, is an organization that offers a unique type of therapy to veterans.


After Robb Gustafson finished medical treatments for physical and emotional scars left by a tour of duty in 2009, including traumatic brain injury, he and his wife, Jennifer, were invited on a hunting trip. Gustafson found this trip to be better therapy than that which he’d received from medical professionals. Because the Gustafsons believed many other veterans would respond in a positive manner to hunting, they started Colors of Heroes (CoH), a nonprofit aimed at giving veterans a chance to heal in the way hunting helped Gustafson heal.


CoH is a volunteer-run organization that works with all military veterans and their families. Even veterans suffering from PTSD can benefit from the hunts organized by CoH. WTA recognizes the success of such hunts as treatment for many veterans and hopes its sponsorship of the foundation will increase the number of military veterans and their families that CoH can support and help raise awareness of the organization’s efforts to heal wounds that conventional medicine may not be able to handle.


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