Cabela's Instinct

Cabela’s Instinct: Expedition on Sportsman Channel

Mark Peterson & Tim Herald of WTA are the hosts of Cabela’s Instinct: Expedition Series, an exciting new show that airs on the Sportsman Channel. The next episode airs on Thursday at 7:30 pm EST!

About Cabela’s Instinct: Expedition Series

Cabela’s Instinct is a show that not only shows you the hunting adventure but also chronicles the aspects of the quest that other shows don’t give you. Learn about the cultures Mark & his co-host Tim encounter, see their entire adventure with travel and exploration in addition to the hunt. See exotic locales and learn about the species and their habitats straight from the experts!

Have you watched any of the episodes of Cabela’s Instinct? Let us know what your favorite moments have been!

Cabela’s Instinct Website

Watch the Season 1 Episode 4 trailer now!

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