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WTA Travel Services: Not just for hunting trips!

Our WTA Travel Services division is known for booking trips for hunters, including handling all of the details around transporting firearms, customs, and accommodations. What you may not know is that this awesome team also books leisure trips!

Many times, hunters book through us and piggyback a family vacation onto the trip to save airfare. Our leisure trips are extremely popular, and we offer destinations all of the world, including in the U.S., in Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and French Polynesia!

This brochures shows off some of our favorites.

Click Here for the brochure!

Next time you’re heading on vacation, give us a call. We’ll be sure to book you the vacation you want, in the best location, and all you’ll have to do is show up! Let our 55 years of experience work for you. Whether you like island life, coastline, casinos, cities, or cruises, WTA Travel Services has the right destination for you.

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Jess Schmidt is the writer on staff at WTA. When she is not working on our print catalogs and social media, she’s writing about what’s going on right now in the hunting industry!

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