Consultant’s Corner with Frank Cole: Namibia Travel

5 Tips for Traveling to Namibia

We sat down with WTA Consultant Frank Cole to get his top 5 quick tips you should follow when you’re traveling to or in Namibia. Here’s what he had to say.

  1. Download an app that lets you call over Wifi!

We recommend that you install an app on your smart phone that lets you make phone calls via wifi. It’s incredibly expensive to use your data in any foreign country—especially when you’re going through so many other countries to get there. To avoid the stress of not being able to make the calls you need to make while you’re in Namibia (or traveling to or from), install an app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype on your smart phone and add your outfitters’ mobile phone numbers into your contacts. Get your family & friends you’ll need to talk to set up on the same app, whichever one you choose. Then turn off mobile data in your phone’s settings and log onto free Wi-Fi where available (such as airports); you will then be able to text/call using WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger on your phone for FREE. This also would work on tablets!

  1. Bring the correct power converter.

Make sure you’re bringing the correct power converter for the location where you’ll be staying. This photo is the most common outlet you’ll see in Namibia. Not every retail store will be able to tell you offhand what converter you need, and many locations in Africa and even Namibia have different ones required. If you bring in this picture, you can just match it to what’s in the store without any issues. Or, call WTA, and we’ll be happy to ensure you know which converter to bring along.


Namibian Wall Socket


Power adapter for Namibia travel

  1. Keep all your travel documents organized together.

Passport, flight itineraries, outfitter contacts, 4457 Customs form, Namibia firearm form, other travel reservation forms, trip insurance, Ripcord membership, yellow WHO card if you have one, US Custom broker’s information, your taxidermist’s information. Also, make sure you have all required firearm paperwork if you will be traveling through different countries. If you stay overnight in South Africa, you will need SAPS 520 form and an invitation letter from the outfitter or WTA. These forms need to be kept with you when you travel—don’t accidentally check them in your luggage! Bring extra copies of your passport and other documents to put in a different bag in case you lose the one with everything in it.

  1. Pack light. Pack right.

Outfitters do daily laundry. Don’t worry about bringing a set of clothes for every day. You already have enough stuff to bring along with your gear for the hunt! Also, to check with the airlines you are using for their requirements for traveling with firearm(s). There may be some fees based on the weight and dimensions of your gun case. There is also a max weight of 11 lbs of ammunition. Ammo needs to be in a separate lockable box with your clothes in your checked bag. You CAN’T carry on ammunition!

  1. Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.

It’s like a parachute or spare tire, something you must have but you never want to use. Don’t forget to tell your outfitter, guide, and camp manager you have Ripcord so that if you do need it, they can make the call.

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