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WTA TAGS Will FLOAT the $6K Wyoming Grizzly tag for $350

It’s official, the state of Wyoming will be hosting a Grizzly bear hunt during the Fall of 2018. This monumental event will be the first legal Grizzly bear hunt to take place in the region in 40+ years.


The tags, both resident and non-resident, will be allocated via computer drawing. The 2018 application period will open July 2nd and run through July 16th. The 2018 season will offer nonresidents the opportunity to draw five licenses spread out across the two separate units. The hunting season will run approximately September 15th – November 15th.


If you wish to apply through WTA TAGS the fee will be $350 which includes state application costs. Should you draw this permit the non-resident tag fee is $6,000. Our trusted outfitters in the area are reporting fully guided hunts at between $5,000-$6,000 for 2018. (Note, that the majority of these bears do live in designated wilderness areas. Nonresidents cannot go into the wilderness without a Wyoming resident or licensed guide present at all times).


Although sticker shock can set-in when contemplating a hunt cost of $11,000+ you must also consider that a comparable hunt up North will run upwards of $17,500+. Also, we are predicting this Wyoming Grizzly hunt to be a very high quality/high success experience for big bears.


If you are interested in applying, or would like further information, contact WTA TAGS at 1-800-755-TAGS(8247) or click the red button below. The July 16th deadline is just a few weeks away so contact us today!



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