Outfitter #143

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This Outfitter offers a thrilling custom hunting experience with unique opportunities to make it your hunt, your way. We offer two different properties, located in the middle of the beautiful mountainous country that defines central Texas. Once you enter the H5 Trophy Ranch, you’re given a glimpse into the impressive canyons and terrain that make this ranch so remarkable. It’s rugged, serene, breathtaking, and inviting all in one place. The tree-covered hills are separated by scenic limestone canyons. The winding canyon floors are covered with Spanish oak, live oak, walnut, blue berry juniper, shin oak, blue oak, and hackberry trees. During the fall, the hillsides and canyons are ablaze with spectacular colors. Enjoy a passionate pursuit as you stalk a world class American Bison in the foothills of central Texas or take a trophy whitetail in the open plains. With over 22 species running wild throughout the property, including American Bison, Axis, White Tail Deer, Sika and various sheep. There’s plenty to offer whether you are a first time hunter looking to experience the excitement of your first hunt or an experienced hunter looking for a new trophy to hang over your mantle, you will enjoy this unique first class experience. It is our mission to make your dreams a reality and we are here to assist you in your quest. While you are here, we encourage you to take part in the hunting, fishing and archery activities, or take a break and relax on our balcony with your fellow hunting buddies, swap stories over a cold beverage, strengthen friendships as the sun sets on the horizon after a successful trophy. This outfitter will show you the many reasons why it is one the top hunting experiences in the United States.

Additional Information
Approach: 1.
Equipment: 1.

Hunt Options

  • Axis--$3,400

  • Black Buck--$2,950

  • Aoudad--$4,000

  • Sika--$3,000

  • Buffalo--$5,500

  • Fallow--$4,250

  • Eland--$6,500

  • Simbok--$5,000

  • Texas Dall Sheep--$2,250

  • Black Hawaiian Sheep--$2,250

  • Corsican sheep--$2,000

  • Painted Desert Sheep--$2,000

  • Jacob's 4 Horn--$2,400

  • Merino--$1,600

  • Catalina Goat--$1,500

  • Scimitar-Horned Oryx--$5,500

  • Elk--P/O/R

  • Whitetail Deer--P/O/R

  • Gemsbok--$6,500

  • Red stag--P/O/R

  • Addix--$6,000

  • Dybowski Sika--$5,750