Outfitter #120


This guide is located in Saskatchewan's North West near the town of Meadow Lake our deer hunting area encompasses 215 square miles of largely aspen forest interspersed with stands of spruce and pine. Natural meadows, forest openings, ridges, lakes and logged areas, make for a varied terrain and topography. Simply put, this is prime white-tail habitat. Their Saskatchewan whitetail deer hunts are 5 full days of baited stand hunting with the client arriving on Saturday and departing on Friday. Three weeks before the season their guides are out in the area looking for signs and setting up baits, blinds, and camares. The key to their success is in this preseason work. Through the years, they have learned a great deal about where the deer travel between the 80 to 100 stand sites. With the use of Cuddeback trail cameras they have an even better idea of what awaits the hunters.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07