Outfitter #186


Waterfowl hunters tend to overlook Florida when it comes to top states to hunt ducks. True we do not have thousands of green head mallards dropping into corn fields but a typical day on my hunt is seeing ten thousand redheads on the coast line flying over our decoys. These hunts are action packed. Afternoons are usually the best but the groups that book morning hunts are very seldom let down. With the number of birds that winter in this area, you will stay in the action for sure. During the hunt they set up along mangrove edges with waders on. They put out large spreads of redhead decoys and several floating spinner ducks. Group after group of redheads and blue bills come in to land in their spread. It’s a great hunt and all the clients enjoy. Many come back year after year to do this unique hunt. You should come check it out.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07