Don’t Miss The Upcoming Alaska Caribou Draw – December 16th!


Caribou hunting throughout the North Country has changed dramatically in the last decade. Herds that once numbered in the hundreds of thousands have declined so much that game units and even provinces have been closed to hunting.  If you have caribou on your mind, continue reading …    The Barren Ground caribou in Alaska, the […]

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The Journey Within, A Bird Hunter’s Diary- Wyoming


Wyoming has long been known to have some of the best big game hunting in North America, but it is often overlooked for the quality and diversity of its upland hunting opportunities.  In reality there are very few areas that offer the diversity in upland species and terrain for an upland hunt. The biggest draw, […]

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Understanding The Wyoming Big Game Draw


Preference points are the most valuable asset any sportsmen can have that is looking to hunt the great state of Wyoming. Whether you’re trying to organize a simple antelope hunt with friends or a once-in-a-lifetime trophy bull elk hunt, you will find that your preference point status will dictate the hunt options available to you. […]

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The Journey Within, A Bird Hunter’s Diary- Himalayan Snowcock


Going into this fall, the upland trip that had me the most worried, was heading into the Ruby mountains of Nevada in search of the extremely elusive Himalayan Snowcock.  Himalayan Snowcock live in high alpine meadows and cliffs generally between the elevations of 9,000 to 11,000 feet, but they are also found in their native […]

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