Better Experience with WTA



Are you tired of being just a number? Do you get the feeling that your application consultant doesn´t spend any time in the field? If so, Worldwide Trophy Adventures is here for you!

We at Worldwide Trophy Adventures are dedicated to providing excellent service while assisting you in attaining all of your hunting goals. Allow us to assume the entire headache and time consuming hassle involved in applying for each state and species all the while keeping up with all of the application deadlines!  Put us to work for you, and we will keep you right on track to draw that tag of a lifetime!

Even if you are just looking for help in one or two states, let us show you what personal experience has to do with finding the right draw unit for you. The process will start with you filling out our comprehensive Application Service Form. This will help us build a custom profile of your long and short term hunting goals. This ever changing list of goals can then be augmented with our extensive list of landowner vouchers and custom hunts in the event of an unsuccessful draw application. Most hunters have a list of goals in their head, so let us help you organize these goals, assess them in a realistic light in today´s "draw odds", and then implement this plan. Every year we will revisit your profile, adjust it to last year´s hunts, and to this year´s goals, then help you navigate and plan your available hunting schedule around your busy everyday life. We do not have a one-size-fits-all program, and it is never too late to start the application process! More states are adopting a variation of the point system. Your best odds in these states will start with having max points. Don´t miss these up-coming opportunities! Some states are considering dropping, or severely modifying the system that they have had in place for years and years. This will change the draw process and impact the draw odds and we can help you capitalize on these opportunities.

Another application process that is routinely overlooked is the outfitter draws that are available. We will put our experience to good use as we help pair you up with an outfitter to increase your draw odds when attaching your application to a specific outfitter. All outfitters that we apply with have been vetted thru our booking agency. That means someone from WTA has spent time in the field with each of these outfitters/guides. We know them personally! Matching your goals and personality with an outfitter is one of our specialties. You will have the opportunity to find this out first-hand when you draw that coveted tag. Your WTA consultant can pair you up with one of our outfitters for the hunt of a lifetime! Personal experience! That´s what we have, and that´s what we sell. You are not just a number to us at Worldwide Trophy Adventures!

Call or send an E-mail for personalized help from one of our consultants. We will do our best to help you attain your hunting goals.

Apply Online now through our Tag Application Form. Once submitted, we will review your information and response within 24 hours.