Outfitter #157

Argentina Free-range Red Stag Hunting


Free-range red stag are a hidden gem in the La Pampa region of Argentina. This outfitter owns a total of 57,000 acres including 51,000 acres free-range, allowing the sportsperson to hunt for several different species including: red stag, boar, blackbuck, water buffalo, axis deer, mouflon, and fallow deer (to name a few). You may also do a little dove shooting from the same location if time permits for a small fee.

The quality of the red stag trophy is measured by the quantity of the points, length and thickness of the antlers and symmetry. Its fur is dun reddish in summer and more grayish in winter. They live in the protection of the scrub-lands or woods where he finds his best shelter. He has night habits, he has a great agility and speed, and he likes visiting watering holes to roll in the water or mud. Most of the year, the stags live separately from the hinds, but in March and April, when the hinds are in heat in the Southern Hemisphere, the stags and hinds get back together and then the "brama" happens, as it is called in Argentina, a term equivalent to "roaring". The chase of this animal is done in the early hours of the morning or at dusk. The hunter looks for a strategic spot where he can hear the roar of the stags.

The black antelope hunting is done in vast plains during the day, and the difficulty is not finding the herd, which is generally easily identified, but approaching within shooting range, making this a very exciting hunt.

The area is unparalleled in natural beauty and is composed of primarily forested land with small hills and lakes. The luxury lodge offers a clubhouse with panoramic view and includes dining room, bar and Internet access. The chef will prepare gourmet dinners based on Argentina prime beef, game meats, and chicken.

This outfitter's camps, equipment, and staff are all first-class with everyone doing their very best to see that you have a successful and memorable hunt. The best dates book up early, so don't delay in calling.


$5,950 - Free range red stag
5 nights/5 hunting days, includes free-range red stag* no size limit

$7,600 - Free range red stag and black buck
5 nights/5 hunting days, includes free-range red stag* no size limit

* There are a few breeder stags that have been released free-range to diversify genetics, these stags will be passed, guides call.

Day rates
$400/day, 1x1 - double occupancy
$250/day - observer
$300/day/person - dove shooting add on during big-game hunt dates booked.
$50/day surcharge for single bedroom

Trophy fees on free range species
Red stag up to 230 SCI $3,500

Red stag above 230 SCI $5,000

Management red stag $590

Axis deer up to 119 7/8 SCI $2,850

Blackbuck up to 52 7/8 SCI $1,250

Cameroon dwarf goat up to 49 7/8 SCI $1,800

Fallow deer up to 194 7/8 $2,700

Feral Goat up to 66 7/8 $1,300

Juan Fenandez goat up to 49 7/8 $2,400

Hybrid sheep up to 108 7/8 $1,300

Hybrid mouflon up to 109 7/8 $2,000

Mouflon up to 109 7/8 $3,600

Mulithorn ram up to 73 7/8 $1,300

Pere David deer up to Silver medal $15,000

Pere David deer Gold medal $20,000

Somalian ram up to 74 7/8 $3,600

Water buffalo up to 79 7/8 $4,000

Wild boar up to 6 15/16 $1,000

Gold medal and Top Ten SCI on all species POR

Trophy fees on estate species
Red stag up to 279 7/8 $4,200

Red stag up to 299 7/8 $4,600

Red stag up to 319 7/8 $5,000

Red stag up to 339 7/8 $5,600

Red stag up to 359 7/8 $7,000

Red stag up to 379 7/8 $10,000

Red stag up to 399 7/8 $14,000

Red stag 400+ POR

Trophy fees subject to change.


Red Stag and Fallow deer - March and August.

Other species - Year round.


Reception at Santa Rosa airport, full board accommodations in luxury lodging, alcoholic drinks, Argentinean quality wine and beef, professional guiding, ground transportation in the hunting area, first preparation of trophies in the field, maid service, laundry, Gym & Spa usage



Trophy shipment to the broker in BA $50/trophy

Gun importation fees

Rifle rental $50/day + ammo

Shotgun rental $75/day

Shells $14/box

Ground transfers Santa Rosa to camp round trip $100/person


Massage sesion $50 

Trip & Ripcord Insurance

Trophy exportation


Cost of the licenses and tags (subject to change according to the local wildlife department regulations) as follows:


Red stag  $150

Wild boar $100

Other species $150 (includes axis, fallow, blackbuck and all rams except for mouflon)

Water buffalo and mouflon license $150

Wingshooting $200


Red stag $100/trophy

Wild boar $35/trophy

Other species (includes axis, fallow, blackbuck and all rams except for mouflon) $35/trophy

Water buffalo and mouflon $100/trophy

Trophy declaration form $30 (one per hunter)


Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Depart from home for night flight to Buenos Aries, Argentina
Day 2: Arrive in Buenos Aries, clear customs and fly to Santa Rosa arond 10pm, where you will be met by the outfitter and transfer to camp approximately 1 1/2 hour drive.

Your scheduled safari - full hunting days

Departure Itinerary
Day 1: After last day of hunting, ground transfer to Santa Rosa and overnight.
Day 2: Depart Santa Rosa around 6 am for flight to BA, transfer to international airport for flight home.

Clients may also select a sleeper bus ground transfer between Santa Rosa and BA. Ask for details.

WTA strongly suggest you hire a transition service to assist you with clearing your firearms
WTA Travel can assist you with firearm transition services, hotels and tours pre and post safari
Please call WTA Travel for further information at 1-800-884-9332

Physical Requirement Level

Level 2 - These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches. Species include mule deer, elk, antelope; additionally, some caribou and African plains game hunts. Moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile.