Outfitter #771

WTA EXCLUSIVE Helicopter Hog Hunt


WTA has secured an EXCLUSIVE package with the premier helicopter hog hunting operation in the great state of Texas.  Having more 25 years experience in the outfitting business, this operation offers the best Helicopter Hog hunting in the industry!  They have access to over 2.5 Million acres of private ground!  Running 7 days a week and having 11 helicopters, sets a best in class standard!  This outfitter leaves no details uncovered.  First class lodging, food, pilots and guides you will leave here ready to come back soon!  2 full time professonal Chef's on staff make the dining a focal point on this hunt as well.  This hunt provides everything you will need while you are there other than your clothes and personal items.  

THE HUNT: MUST BOOK IN A GROUP OF 4.  Arrive in San Angelo where you will be picked up in a 40 ft. motorcoach and transferred to the lodge.  After settling in you will be given a tour of the ranch that the lodge sits on that has exotics on it, then on to the shooting range.  At the range you will get to familiarize yourself with the weapons you will use on the hunt.  Fully suppressed .223 AR style rifles, or 12 gauge shotguns (you pick what you want to hunt with).  Head back to the lodge where you will enjoy a professional chef cooked meal.  On hunt day, you will take the motorcoach to the ranch you will be hunting where you will meet the Piolts/Guide.  2 people will fly and shoot at a time.  You will each get 2 hours of flight time.  While one pair is flying the other pair can enjoy the motorcoach, snacks and the ranch.  There will be lunch provided at the motorcoach.  When the day is concluded you will be taken back to the lodge where you have full access to the skeet and trap range enjoy another chef prepared meal.  In the morning of day 2 you will eat breakfast and be taken back to the airport in San Angelo for your return trip home. 

You can also combine your trip for exotics or giant whitetail deer in an estate or some of the finest Free Range Axis hunting in Texas (call your WTA consultant for availability). 

Exotics Pricing 2018-2019

Axis Deer $3500.00

Blackbuck $3500.00

Bongo $28,000.00

Dama Gazelle $9500.00

Fallow Deer $5500.00

Gemsbok Oryx $7500.00

Kudu $19,000.00

Red Stag 300-330” $7500.00

Scimitar Horned Oryx $5500.00

Scimbok Oryx $7500.00

Zebra $7500.00

Afghan Urial Sheep $7500.00

Black Hawaiian Sheep $3500.00

Corsican Sheep $3500.00

Texas Dall Sheep $3500.00

Red Sheep $5500.00

Stumburg Sheep $15,000.00

Trans Caspian Urial Sheep $18,000.00

Markor $25,000.00

Tahr $7500.00




$3900 per person 


Year Round 


First class lodge accomodations.  5 different lodging options that are modern and comfortable with each having a different decor and feel.  Private rooms. 


The hunt includes Airport pick up and drop off, gun rental, ammo, food, lodging, use of Skeet and trap range, 4 hours of helicopter flight time in a R-66 Helicopter.  


Personal items, shipping and processing of any meat you may want, Gratuities


Fly to San Angelo Tx where you will be picked up by the outfitter and transported to the lodge. 

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

$48 Non resident hunting license 

Physical Requirement Level

Level 1 - These hunts are mostly farm or ranch hunts from stands or blinds. Includes substantial use of 4x4 pickups and/or ATVs. Mostly whitetail deer hunts are in this category.

Additional Information

Equipment: Helicopter.

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