Outfitter #076

Ultimate BC Stone Sheep Hunting Adventure


This outfitter’s average-aged stone sheep is close to 10 years old. There have been a few older, including a couple of rams hitting the 43" mark, but their strong point is the good population of stone sheep rams and their dark color. When the season opens August 1, the rams are generally up high taking advantage of the cool breezes. However, if the bugs aren’t too bad they have no hesitation to go down into the scattered timber in some of the valleys, and on some occasions they stay there. This outfitter is fortunate in that their population is scattered throughout their area and with the exception of one mountain range that is difficult to access. Stone Sheep have camouflage in the summer that is equal to the Dall Sheep’s in winter. They live in a lot of different habitat– as long as there is good escape terrain close by. This outfitter is committed to providing an uncompromising quality to the hunts they offer. They have a great deal of respect for the wildlife they hunt and the people they hunt them with. They have the exclusive guiding rights to over 2000 square miles of some of the finest hunting country in North America. Along with that, They have excellent facilities and equipment as well as the experienced guides and dependable horses to ensure that the hunt you book will be as good as it gets. The service is personalized with the owners/outfitters always there. They are always in the area, and they are a family-run operation. If you want to hunt stone sheep, mountain caribou, moose, mountain goat, grizzly bear or wolf, this is the place! Their hunts can be tailored to your requests and they boast extremely high success, safety, and fun. Generally their hunts are on horseback but they also hunt moose and grizzly by boat and have excellent success on their backpack sheep and goat hunts.


14 Days / 1 on 1 Guided / $34,500 + $10,500 Trophy Fee is due upon successfully harvesting a ram

Lodging & Meals are included


August 1-14, August 16-28, August 30- September 11 


Small Cabin / Wall Tents / Spike Tents

Lodging, Meals, In-Field Transportation, Infield Trophy Care, Charter Flight, License, Cabin, Wall Tent, Spike Tent, Accommodations, Guide, Taxes, and Beverages
Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Meat Processing, Airfare, Gratuities, Taxidermy, and Personal Items

Travel to Dease Lake and the outfitter will pick you up there and all travel is included from that point

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

Included in Hunt Price

Physical Requirement Level

Level 4 - All sheep hunts, goat, most grizzly and brown bear, some mountain lion and elephant. The terrain and/or animals can involve some dangerous situations. These hunts will probably require extreme physical endurance and some athletic ability.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: ATV/UTV,Horseback,Boat,Plane.

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