Outfitter #178

South Africa Safaris - Kudu and Nyala Hunting


Nyala, kudu, bushbuck and plains game hunting in South Africa's Kwazulu-Natal region. This province spans a variety of habitats from beaches along the Indian ocean, Acacia bush-veld, open savannahs to four thousand foot mountains. This husband and wife operation caters to families and small groups and prides themselves on personalized service. You will hunt on over 30,000-acres of prime habitat with camp located in the foothills of the Zulu land close to the Mkuze river and its diverse terrain offers the trophy hunter a crack at more than 20 species, from the coveted red duiker to the spiral-horned antelope like nyala, bushbuck and kudu, through the savanna species like impala, warthog and wildebeest right through to the hill-loving mountains reedbuck and klipspringer. Your professional hunter and Zulu tracker use traditional spot and stalk methods and glassing for mountain game. These large tracks of land are accessed with a 4x4 safari vehicle. This is the perfect destination to bring observers as day trips are easy to add in, these may include curio shopping in the coastal town of St. Lucia, Pangolo Dam for a day of fishing or HluHluwe National Park to view elephant and rhino among other species. This is an exclusive safari with the outfitter hosting an average of only two safaris simultaneously. This traditional camp consists of 6 thatch-roof rondavel chalets with ensuite baths and a fully-equipped home for families. After the day's hunt, you will relax around the open campfire enjoying a sundowner and traditional South African Braai (BBQ) while the African night settles in. Don't put off your dream hunt any longer, do it while you're able.


7-day Kudu and Bushbuck Package, including 6 trophies and 3 cull animals
Trophies include: 1 Southern Greater Kudu, 1 Bushbuck, 1 Blesbuck, 1 Warthog, 1 Impala & 1 Blue Wildebeest plus 3 cull animals to be determined at time of safari
$7,500, 1x1
$6,900, 2x1

8-day Nyala Package, including 6 trophies and 5 cull animals
Trophies include: 1 Nyala, 1 Southern Greater Kudu, 1 Bushbuck, 1 Warthog, 1 Blue Wildebeest & 1 Impala plus 5 cull animals to be determined at time of safari
$8,800, 1x1
$8,200, 2x1

8-day Kudu and Zebra Package, including 7 trophies and 3 cull animals
Trophies include: 1 Southern Greater Kudu, 1 Zebra, 1 Blesbuck, 1 Warthog, 1 Mountain Reedbuck, 1 Impala & 1 Blue Wildebeest plus 3 cull animals to be determined at time of safari
$8,100, 1x1
$7,500, 2x1

7-day Kudu Package, including 5 trophies and 3 cull animals
Trophies include: 1 Southern Greater Kudu, 1 Impala, 1 Bushbuck, 1 Warthog & 1 Blue Wildebeest plus 3 cull animals to be determined at time of safari
$6,500, 1x1
$6,200, 2x1

5-day Cull hunt, including 10 cull animals
Trophies include: 5 impala, 3 blue wildebeest and 2 warthog
$3,800, 1x1
$3,500, 2x1

Day rate safaris:

$450/day - 1x1
$420/day - 2x1
$220/day - Observers

Trophy fees on additional animals
Baboon $300
Common Blesbuck $500
White Blesbuck $800
Cape Bushbuck $800
Bushpig $500
Caracal $800
Caracal with dogs $900
Blue Duiker $1,400
Natal Red Duiker $1,400
Southern bush duiker $350
Cape eland $2,500
Fallow deer $900 - seasonal
Gemsbuck $1,400
Genet $250
Giraffe $2,000
Red Hartebeest $1,100
Southern Impala $460
Black Backed Jackal $350
Klipspringer $1,200
Southern Greater Kudu $1,500
Lechwe $3,800
Nyala $2,500
Oribi $2,000
Ostrich $700
Common Reedbuck $1,100
Mountain Reedbuck $600
Vaal Rhebok $1,200
Sable $POR
Roan $POR
Serval $800
Steenbuck $400
Livingstone Suni POR
Warthog $500
Waterbuck $1,800
Black Wildebeest $1,300
Blue Wildebeest $1,100
Burchell's Zebra $1,100

Trophy fees subject to change

Please note that not all species occur in the concession and a transfer may be required.

Some species are limited, please request at booking.

Animals substituted from package animals at a 30% less trophy fee price. Must arrange with PH prior to harvest. No refund on animals not harvested on package. New animals will be at current trophy fee.


March - November


Professional hunter
Alcoholic beverages in moderation
Deluxe accommodations
Full camp staff
Daily laundry
In-field transportation
Airport meet and greet
Transition service in Johannesburg
Firearm clearance
In-field trophy care

Package safaris also include: 14% tax & $200/person arrival night lodging in Johannesburg & round trip ground transfer to camp


14% VAT on day rate safaris

Approximate $200/person arrival night lodging in Johannesburg & round trip ground transfrer to camp



telephone and internet charges

Air charters if needed

trophy fees on additional animals

$300/vehicle day trips to St. Lucia, Pangolo Dam or HluHluwe National Park

$25/day - Firearm rental plus ammo at cost


Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Depart from home and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa
Day 2: Arrive in Johannesburg, you will meet your outfitter after clearing customs and overnight
Outfitter will assist you with clearing your firearms and lodging
Days 3: Outfitter will ground transfer you to camp, approximately 5 1/2 hour drive

Your scheduled hunt dates - full hunting days

Departure Itinerary
Day 1: Depart camp for Johannesburg and check in for final international flight home
Day 2: Arrive in USA, clear customs and continue home

Please call WTA Travel for further information at 1-800-884-9332.

Physical Requirement Level

Level 2 - These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches. Species include mule deer, elk, antelope; additionally, some caribou and African plains game hunts. Moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile.

Client Testimony

"On a scale of 1 -10, this hunt was a 12!. I really liked the fact that it's a small husband/wife operation. I was treated like a family member!" Lloyd S.