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Outfitter #012
Starting At - $45,000

Many serious sheep hunters consider the Stone's sheep to be one of the toughest trophies to acquire of the four primary species of North American wild sheep. First of ...

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Outfitter #076
Starting At - $34,500

This outfitter’s average-aged stone sheep is close to 10 years old. There have been a few older, including a couple of rams hitting the 43" mark, but their strong ...

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Outfitter #149
Starting At - $46,000

Stone's sheep are considered the most coveted of the four North American wild sheep and this 5,000 square mile guide-exclusive area in north-central British Columbia is in the heart ...

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Outfitter #217
Starting At - $40,000

This outfitter has consistently provided trophy Stone sheep hunts in northern, British Columbia for more than 50 years. This is arguably the very best area to hunt true Stone rams, ...

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Outfitter #288
Starting At - $58,500

One of the most sought after trophies in all of North American hunting, this outfitter provides top-notch hunts for Stone's sheep in the famous drainages of the Prophet and ...

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