Outfitter # 700

Low Point (4-6 points ) Arizona Guided Elk Hunt



Arizona has long been known as a place to harvest giant bulls. It is also well known for having difficult odds to draw good tags. For the right hunter there may be another option. This outfitter operates in areas that can be drawn with as little as 4-6 points on the late rifle elk hunt. This outfitter has operated with an over 80% success rate over the years and is one of the hardest working outfitters, we at WTA TAGS, have ever experienced. His in-depth knowledge of the units and expert glassing abilities is what have made these hunts such an incredible success. On this hunt a client needs to be in good physical condition. Although the terrain isn't extremely challenging, there can be long days on the boots navigating the checker boarded public/private land mix. Additionally, it is not uncommon in this unit to have a shot of 400 + yards. This is simply the way the country sets-up, so guys that enjoy shooting at longer distances, or feel comfortable shooting at long distances, will have a much better chance at success. In addition to your guide, you will also have multiple spotters helping you locate game. This is a critical element to this hunt as well. Futhermore, on this hunt you typically do not see great numbers of elk, but when you find them, they are often bulls of very high-quality. The average trophy expectations on these late hunts, considering the chance for bulls to be a little broken-up, should be between 310"-330" with the chance at shooting a 350"+ type bull. We have had several clients harvest bulls of this caliber on these hunts making them one of the very best values in elk hunting.

Each hunter will have their own wall tent equipped with a cot, mattress and heater. Bring your sleeping bag. Home cooked hot meals are served out of large heated wall tent and something to look forward to after a hard day of hunting. As we mentioned earlier, this hunt is not for everyone, but for the right guy wanting to have an opportunity, sooner-rather-than-later, at harvesting a great bull this could be the hunt for you. Feel free to give us a call and discuss this hunt in more detail as we have boots-on-the-ground experience with this outfitter.  



Six day hunts


Mid nov - early Dec

Six day hunts

Lodging, Meals, In-Field Transportation, Infield Trophy Care, and Wall Tent
Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Meat Processing, Airfare, and Gratuities
Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

License will be secured through WTA TAGS

AZ Hunting License $160

AZ Elk Tag $650

Physical Requirement Level

Level 3 - These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback, while hunting species such as elk, moose, bear; also, some mountain lion and African Cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking can be involved.