What Happens After I Take My Trophies on International Hunts?

Frank Cole with mongolian ibex trophy

International hunts are thrilling and a unique experience. With the amazing experience comes things you don’t have to worry about when hunting in your home country. WTA’s International Consultant, Frank Cole, has some excellent tips for how to handle the specifics after you’ve taken your trophies.  1.Customs Broker Hire a US Customs Broker prior to […]

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Consultant’s Corner: Traveling to the New Zealand, Australia, and New Caledonia

Consultant Frank Cole with Tahr trophy

When you’re going on a hunt to New Zealand, Australia, or New Caledonia, some special rules will apply. WTA Consultant Frank Cole is a frequent international traveler, and he sat down with us to share some tips on these unique tips and how you can get the most out of them. 1. Tourism If you […]

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Consultant’s Corner with Braden Cooper: Ensure You Have an Elk Tag Every Year

Braden Cooper with Elk he hunted via an elk tag

Right now is the time to start making your plans for next year’s hunts–especially when it comes to elk tags. There is not much rest between this year’s hunting season and next year’s application season. With Wyoming Elk applications due at the end of Jan and Arizona Elk due mid February, your mind should turn […]

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