I help put fair chase in front of the Realtree cameras, so I’ve learned to depend on WTA TAGS.  Don’t ever give up on the draw. Build those points and great tags will come your way. WTA TAGS has delivered the tags of my dreams. Just be patient, and they will deliver for you, as well.

David Blanton

Realtree Outdoors - Executive Producer

It’s not easy navigating the Western limited-entry licensing systems, but with the assistance of WTA TAGS you can set up a portfolio to build valuable bonus points helping you draw more great tags, more often. In addition to license consultation you get access to their stable of vetted outfitters once a tag is drawn. That’s why I partner with WTA TAGS.

Mark Kayser

Outdoor Writer, Hunting Show Host and Elk Fanatic

Several years ago Lee and I began the process of researching Dall Sheep hunts in anticipation of a future Alaskan hunt. It didn’t take long before we became overwhelmed with the entire process. We then contacted WTA and were assisted by Jason Berger. Jason was able to match us with the exact hunt we were in search of. Jason’s knowledge of the hunt and resources to experienced outfitters made the decision to book this hunt through WTA a “no brainer”.

This September, Lee and I were able to experience the hunt-of-a-lifetime and can not thank you enough for your assistance in making this childhood dream a successful reality for both of us. Our outfitter, the hunt, and this entire experience was well above expectations. We both look forward to our continued use of WTA in future hunts.

Greg S. and Lee S.

Jason, thanks for booking our Alaska Brown Bear hunt.  The entire trip was an excellent experience.  We saw around 100 bears between Clint and I.  It took the entire 10 days to harvest out bears.  We had an excellent guide and who ran a top notch outfit.  The meals were fantastic and we were in good hands the entire trip.

Clint’s bear is a great bear from that area, and you helped make our dream hunt become reality.

Bryan & Clint


I am satisfied!  A resounding yes!  I have booked another hunt for 2016 with Worldwide Trophy Adventures. After assisting me to overcome an obstacle with the wrong outfitter, WTA lined me up with the right outfitter, and the rest is history.

I definitely made the right choice to work with WTA, and I plan to do a lot more in the future with them.

Jack K.

Dublin, OH

Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic experience and hunt in Newfoundland. This outfitter runs a first class operation. I was able to harvest this beautiful 10 point bull with a 38″ spread on the 6th day of my hunt.

Thank you WTA for setting this trip of a lifetime up for me.

Terry H.

Minooka, IL

I’ve been working with Cabela’s TAGS (now known as Worldwide Trophy Adventures) for years. They assist me and my son in applying for some of the most sought-after tags in the country.

My TAGS consultant, Eric Pawlak, is on top of everything. Recently, he assisted me in drawing the true tag of a lifetime – a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag in New Mexico. After drawing I then booked an outfitter on Eric’s recommendation, and at the age of 70, I was finally able to complete my Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep.

Eric has done a phenomenal job for me – I couldn’t ask for more.”

Len V. Jr.

Grand Rapids, MI

I wanted to thank you again for setting up a trip of a life-time! I felt like I was treated like a king coming from WTA & Cabela’s. Excellent work at matching me with my expectations. Your knowledge of the area was top notch. Here is a picture of the bull I harvested opening day 2016. A true blessing to see that many elk on this property.

Ty L.


Had a great hunt. I had never hunted goats on horseback before and it was a blast.

My guide was great and got us on a lot of good bucks. My buck was officially scored at 83-4/8.

Justin S.

South Jordan, UT

Working with WTA TAGS was a no brainer, after talking with my consultant we put together a strong portfolio to give me the best odds of drawing, and the rest is history. Who would have thought I’d be THAT GUY that drew with 0 points!


Loredo, TX

This was a wonderful safari at one of the best safari destinations in Africa. The hunting was truly spectacular. My PH was a true professional and worked hard for the right trophies to take. The travel arrangements were perfect. Absolutely no problems. The food at camp was a delight after a day in the bush.

What a Safari!!! And again thank you for a great hunt.

Steve D.

South Bend, IN

I started applying for my hunts with Worldwide Trophy Adventures last year, this past Spring I received a phone call from my representative, Wyatt Bowles, telling me that I had drawn a very hard to draw Moose tag for Idaho.

I was ecstatic, as moose was next on my bucket list and this was way better than Christmas! After a very successful moose hunt this past August, I was fortunate to harvest a giant Shiras Moose. He measured 194 and is 50 inches wide.

Thanks so much to Worldwide Trophy Adventures and their extraordinary team for taking such good care of me with my applications each year, their application service is over the top. And a special thanks to my man, Wyatt for always looking for new and exciting hunts to put me in for.

Caryn M.


Wow!! What a hunt. It started off a bit slow but man, what a hunt. The outfitter had us on big bulls every day.

He kept telling me about patience and soon one would make a mistake. We got on this beautiful heard bull around 930 am Wednesday after chasing bulls all morning. We were walking back to the truck, at this time about 3 miles away when we heard a bull bugle about 3/4 of a mile away. In typical fashion he said, ‘as long as they’re bugling we’re hunting.’ So off we went across a burn stalking 3 more bulls until we came across this beauty. We once again started walking back to the truck when he called a few hundred yards away. We fish hooked him playing the wind perfectly when we found his cows, then him. We were able to stay just behind him when one of his cows cut back towards us.

This was the break we were looking for. He came back looking to round her up. The outfitter had us in perfect position. I was directly in front of him. He said ‘draw,’ I did. He blew a kiss and the bull stopped in his tracks. ’62 yards’ were his next words. I let the arrow fly. A perfect lung shot and 10 minutes later, well, hugs and high 5s.

Thanks a bunch Eric. The outfitter is a real pro.

Blair Z.

Backus, MN

I wanted to do an aoudad hunt in Fall 2017 with my father.  Having limited knowledge of aoudad myself, I needed help in picking a great hunt.  WTA was very helpful in identifying a fair chase, challenging hunt for the sheep. My father and I were not disappointed.  We hunted the full four days over challenging country in pursuit of a wary sheep that would take off after spotting you from more than 500 meters away.

Both my father and I harvested trophy rams and passed on many rams in the 27-29″ range.  I also shot a javelina, which were plentiful during the hunt.  I would highly recommend WTA for anyone interested in extending their hunting season with an aoudad hunt.


WTA began handling my hunts years ago. They have always been very helpful and efficient at finding great options with great outfitters. They save me all the time and hassle, and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to get any better opportunities for the species that I have hunted. I have lots of places I would like to visit in the future and with WTA handling my hunts, I have no doubt that I will be taken care of from start to finish. I know every detail will be covered.

Quality service is what it’s all about, and these guys have it nailed down! Thanks for everything guys. I look forward to the future.

Dale W.

El Dorado Hills, CA

I wanted to share my success in Iowa with you! I’m still in camp til this Sunday but two days ago I arrowed my buck at 20 yards. He’s not exactly an Iowa giant but a deer in the 150 class at that distance is just too hard to pass up.

I’ll definitely be putting in for this tag again. I’ve never had so much fun in a hunting camp, my ribs hurt from laughing so hard.

Thank you again for all you guys do. I’ve had some awesome hunts thanks to all the work WTA has put in for me over the years and this hunt is no exception.

J. Marinkov

This was my first time using WTA. Erik was there every time I had a question. The outfitter was first class and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to working with both operations In the near future. Great people , great food, and a great hunting experience.

Robert R.

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