2018 Australia Water Buffalo

August 1-5, 2018

Join Mark Peterson, WTA owner and co-host of Cabela’s Instinct Series, into Australia in search of a water buffalo. Our outfitter owns 100,000 acre of pristine habitat in the Northern Territory of Australia adjoining the world famous Kakadu National Park. The game reserve has water buffalo in very plentiful numbers. This is Australia's premier big game animal and deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. These animals are extremely tough and difficult to put down and are every bit as tough as the African Cape buffalo. Minimum recommended caliber is .338 Win Mag. We hunt Buffalo with the help of a 4wd or ATV either by finding fresh tracks that cross the road or spotting lone bulls out on the plains. Then we follow up on foot and get closer to the animal for a better look! Shooting ranges can vary from 20-yards in the thick rainforests and up to 100-yards on the open plains.

The horns of a mature buffalo bull measure from tip to tip direct, 38"- 60"-wide! A water buffalo bull weighs on average 1,600+-lbs.

Fishing is also available in the nearby rivers and creeks. This is done mostly by boat, using lures. Australia's most popular game fish, the Barramundi, is common in these waterways. Best time for fishing is February-April.

First class accommodation and dining for our guests, including private cabins are all air conditioned with their own ensuite bathrooms. All meals are carefully prepared by the Chef in the homestead's dining room, overlooking the vast flood plains.


Buffalo - 5-day hunt, $10,400 - 1x1

Additional trophies:

Scrub bull $1,800

Wild boar $700

2nd Buffalo bull $4,000

Non-trophy buffalo $1,400 - young bull or mature management bull

Trophy fees subject to change

$250/day - Observer

Included: Guide service, accommodations, all meals and refreshments, all ground transportation, air-boat tours, rifle rental and ammo, laundry service, field-care of trophies, and quality firearms.


Special WTA Pricing

$10,400 - 1x1

Availability: 1 spot open

Or Call: 1-800-346-8747