July 29-Aug 6, 2017 - Join Mark Peterson, co-owner of WTA and co-host of Cabela's Instinct: Expedition Series

The Dagestan Tur is one of the most beautiful mountain animals on earth. The Dagestan or East Caucasian Tur, with its massive body and horns, is a unique trophy and one of the most sought after for mountain hunters. It is stronger than the Kuban Tur from the West Caucasus, both in body and trophy size. Anyone who wants to hunt for Tur once, and only once, will usually hunt for the Dagestan Tur. International hunters and the SCI record book do recognize two additional Tur subspecies (the West Caucasian and the Mid-Caucasian Tur) but these are more of interest for trophy hunters and collectors. If you are interested, we can also offer you hunts for these subspecies as well. The Republic of Azerbaijan, in the south-eastern Caucasus, is today a synonym for the strongest Tur in the world. Only here in the Far East of the Caucasus lives the pure Dagestan Tur. Its massive horns are similar in curl to the Spanish Ibex, with a wide spread but without knobs. In the Central Caucasus where there is no pure Dagestan Tur, you will find only mediocre trophies with 70-80 cm of horn length. But in our top-class areas in the Eastern Caucasus, in Azerbaijan, even average trophies have a horn-length of 80-90 cm and strong ones may surpass 100 cm. You will hunt at an altitude of 8,000 to 10,000 feet for high-class trophies. The sophisticated logistics, the supreme service, the professional guides and our permanent research, for even better areas with stronger trophies, make this hunt accordingly more expensive. You will hunt surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Caucasus, as these are one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. This is a tough mountain hunt that requires fairly good fitness. From the base camps, the hunters ascend to the peak region on foot or by horse. This is a must-do hunt if international hunting is what you like. And if you're a Sheep or Mtn. Goat hunter, this hunt has your name all over it!

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$11,000 - 1X1
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