2018 Alberta Rifle Mule Deer/Whitetail Combo

Oct 31st - Nov 10th

Arrive - Oct 31 / Hunt - Nov 1-9 / Depart - Nov 10

Join a WTA consultant in Alberta on a great opportunity to chase trophy class whitetail and mule deer bucks as a combo hunt. This outfitter has exclusive access to over 50 quarter sections of private property with very limited hunting pressure, quality food sources, and plenty of cover which all equate to growing big mature bucks. This is one of the best hunting areas in Alberta, surrounded by farmland, rolling hills and the famous Battle River. This area possesses all the natural habitat and genetics required to produce quality trophy deer. These hunts provide an excellent opportunity at whitetails that average 140"- 150" B&C class with the occasional 165"+ B&C class deer being harvested every season. Mule deer in the 170"-185" B&C class are common with larger bucks harvested every season. The whitetail portion of these hunts will take place out of ladder stands and heated ground blinds set up in strategic locations over food sources and travel routes to ambush these bucks while the rut is in full swing and they are cruising around looking for and chasing does,  the mule deer will be hunted by way of spot and stalk and as with the whitetails,  big bucks will be on the move as they are rutting and trying to stick with or find that next hot doe. Accomodations consist of a very comfortable lodge with good food and all the comforts of home.  044

Availability: 5 Spots

$14,000 - Mule Deer/Whitetail Combo/9 Days/1x1 Guide


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