Outfitter #067

Alaska Private Land Grizzly/Brown Bear Hunts


This outfitter has a proven track record of personalized first class trophy hunts. The brown/grizzly bear hunts take place from April 10th until roughly May 3rd each year. You’ll enjoy the comfort of their base camp’s newly constructed log cabins with authentic Alaskan wood burning stoves. With the open frontier as their playground, they have access to the bear hunting area with the use of eight snowmobiles and no less than two ski-equipped airplanes at all times. It takes many resources stashed in the remote outreaches of Alaska to pull off this hunt, but they do it in style and are proud of it! With a high success rate, each year they have SCI record book grizzly bears. Spring bears have their thick winter hide and long claws that make for a great mount or rug. Adventure-filled experience and custom service are guaranteed. All hunts are 10 days.



Updated: 2018-03-02 17:31:07