Argentina is Open and the Time to Hunt is Now

by Dino Bugni
Species: Red Stag
Location: Argentina

Argentina is the 8th-largest country in the world, covering most of the southern portion of South America and occupying an area greater than Texas and Mexico combined. It is a biologically diverse country offering immense plains, deserts, tundra, forests, mountains, rivers, and thousands of miles of ocean shoreline. And, yes, for the traveling sportsman its hunting opportunities are as diverse as its landscapes. In short, it offers arguably the world’s best wingshooting and equally good big-game opportunities.

I recently returned from a Signature Outdoor Adventure trip that had been postponed for two years (for obvious reasons) and to say the experience was worth the wait is a major understatement. Being one of the first groups back after Argentina recently re-opened certainly had its advantages.

This ranch is known for giant stags, but with two years of absolutely no hunting, the extra growth that occurred made a tremendous difference in the quantity and quality of stags. (Actually, of all of the animals.) Currently, the timing is right for true monsters of all huntable species.

The privately-owned, free-range ranch has undergone 34 years of intense wildlife management, and man, is it working. I’m talking king-size red stag and I mean KING-size. There are large, long curly-horned blackbuck, stately water buffalo, mouflon, several types of free-range goats, gold-medal fallow and axis deer, and wild boar—all in great numbers on this 38,000-acre paradise.

The hospitality of the owners, guides, and staff was impeccable. Every detail was executed to perfection. I was fortunate to travel with three friends with whom I’ve traveled before and four others who became new friends on this adventure. All of us commented that this was the best or second-best trip we had EVER gone on, and that’s with a combined total of more than 100 trips between us. Yes, it exceeded our expectations by a long shot.

What did a day of hunting look like? Breakfast of meats, cheeses, cereals, and coffee or tea around 7 a.m. Leave the main lodge located right on the ranch at 7:30 and drive to the area you would be hunting, normally seeing many animals on the way. The morning hunt likely consists of a multiple-mile walk/stalk on flat ground seeing, hearing, and enjoying all the Argentina bush has to offer. It’s not unusual to see red deer, black buck, sheep, wild goats, and buffalo all in one morning. There are no cattle on this ranch. It’s managed strictly for hunting. Then, a quick trip back to the lodge for gourmet lunch, and maybe a quick siesta in your private room. And then back at it for the evening hunt.

The ranch offers archery and rifle hunting and can accommodate hunters of any physical capability. If you don’t want to walk too much you can always enjoy the view from pre-set elevated hides over waterholes. The last part of the day was always capped with a multiple-course meal fit for royalty, washed down with a local brew or fantastic Malbec wine.

Argentina was always on my radar but it wasn’t at the top of the list. This trip changed that. It was such a home run that the bulk of our group is going back in 2023 to round out a few additional trophies that we now NEED after seeing them in this gorgeous setting.

If Argentina is anywhere on your hunting wish list, even down a few slots, I recommend you bump it to the top. Now is the time to go and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Hunting for enormous, diverse trophies on a private, free-range, 38,000-contiguous-acre ranch while being pampered is memorable, to say the least. Yes, it’s a trip for EVERYONE. 

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