Consultant’s Corner: Traveling to the New Zealand, Australia, and New Caledonia

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When you’re going on a hunt to New Zealand, Australia, or New Caledonia, some special rules will apply. WTA Consultant Frank Cole is a frequent international traveler, and he sat down with us to share some tips on these unique tips and how you can get the most out of them.

1. Tourism

If you are adding in extra days for tourism, plan on renting a firearm to make your travel easy. WTA Travel is happy to assist with all your additional South Pacific tour and travel needs and wants. They often combine leisure and hunting trips for our clients and know all the ins and outs of getting you the trip of a lifetime. This is especially important if you’re bringing a non-hunter along with you on the trip. Make sure that person will have plenty to do if not accompanying you out in the field!

2. Firearms

If you are taking a firearm to Australia, you will need a firearm permit for every Australian province you stay in. Each has a separate application, fee, and permit. Applications must arrive by traditional mail with payment couple months prior to your departure. You must receive your firearm permit in the US prior to your departure date. Allow time for international mail. Check with your post office in advance to see how long it will take for the applications to arrive so that you will have your permits in hand prior to travel.

3. New Caledonia

No military calibers allowed in New Caledonia. Always make sure you’re checking the regulations regarding guns wherever you’re traveling to hunt. This will ensure your trip goes smoothly.

4. New Zealand Currency

New Zealand firearm permit is $25 NZ. Get these New Zealand funds at your international departure airport so you will be prepared when you arrive. It will save you a step upon arrival, keeping it simple.

5. Contact your outfitters

While it may sound strange, many clients never bother to talk to their outfitter on the hunt. Please take time to contact your outfitter at least once prior to your hunt. Spend a few minutes going over expectations and concerns with them. It’s time well spent. WhatsApp and Skype work very well with no expense.

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