Consultant’s Corner: Traveling with Firearms


This post comes from Sr International Consultant, Frank Cole. For most hunting trips, you will have to deal with the trouble of flying with firearms and ammunition. It can cause a huge headache if you’re not prepared going into your trip. Here are 5 quick tips about how you can make traveling with firearms much less stressful!

1. Know Airline Policies

Print out airline policies as posted on their websites for firearm and ammunition baggage policies and keep with your carry on bag. Not all personnel at airline counters know their own company’s firearm policies. Policies vary greatly from airline to airline, and if you book multiple carriers, there is the possibility they won’t transfer firearms between flights. This means you may have to claim and recheck bags between flights. Know policies prior to booking flights so that you have enough time built in just in case you have to claim & recheck bags.

2. You May Need Extra Time

Allow extra time at airports for check-in, transfers, and clearing customs. A bit more time may save the stress of missing a flight and prevent you from starting your hunt late.

3. Keep Permits on Hand

Keep all firearms permits issued upon entry to foreign countries with your passport. You will need these handy when you depart and export your firearm.

4. Know TSA Rules

Know TSA rules for transporting firearms and ammunition and know that Airlines rules may vary and trump TSA policy.

5. Use WTA Travel Services

Book with WTA Travel. They fully understand traveling with firearms, best routes, firearm friendly airlines, transfer times needed, etc. They will ensure you have the time you need to get your firearms transported to and from your destinations so that you don’t have to worry and can simply relax and enjoy the ride!

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