For Giant Whitetail Deer – No Better Place than Iowa

by Casey Mekelburg
Location: Iowa

If hunting big whitetails is at the top of your list (as it is on mine), then purchasing an Iowa preference point every year is a must. The reason I bring it up now is because the deadline to obtain this valuable point is June 3.

Also, if you already possess the required number of preference points to draw an Iowa whitetail tag, then booking a hunt before this deadline is the next smart step to beat the rush to the top outfitters.

Here are two excellent deer camps well worth considering, either for this year or in the future. These are WTA TAGS’ most long-standing and reliable whitetail—big whitetail—outfitters in the great state of Iowa.

Afton, Iowa Whitetails

This comfortable, professionally-operated camp is run by a group of absolute gentlemen—simply great guys who know how to put on a deer camp. They are well-known, well-liked area firefighters, and during the Iowa deer season their stealthy approach has been helping our clients put the smackdown on some of the Midwest’s biggest bucks. This country has more of a roll to it with huge stands of hardwood ridges and deep ravines leading into flowing creek bottoms and massive cornfields. It is a true masterpiece combination of habitat and opportunity, and an absolute pleasure to hunt. The biggest whitetails in the country roam these hollows. The outfitter has the area stacked with strategically placed, extremely comfortable Millennium ladder stands for long sits in the timber, if necessary.

Availability here for 2022 consists of 3 archery openings from October 31–November 5, 2022 and 3 openings from November 14–19, 2022. If you have at least four preference points in your pocket, you should consider booking this archery hunt today. We also have 4 shotgun openings for December 3–7 and 3 muzzleloader openings for January 3–7, 2023. The shotgun and muzzleloader hunts will take at least two points to draw the tag.

Iowa Whitetail Hunting

This hunt takes place near the town of Brooks. This middle-of-nowhere location is a haven for big bucks because it has a perfect mix of farmland, thickets, cedars, and hardwoods…ideal habitat for whitetails. And, this outfitter controls thousands of acres and has dozens of strategically located, comfortable stands. Morning sets, evening sets, different wind directions—this outfitter is completely dialed in. And on top of the great hunting, this family operation will make you feel at home as you settle in for the week. Their newly constructed lodge and excellent home-cooked, hardy meals will help keep you rested and focused during your days perched in the stand. If you are interested in archery hunting in 2022 and have four preference points, there are 3 openings for November 13–18, 2022.

Also, several openings are available for the December shotgun and December/January muzzleloader. And these firearm hunts require only one preference point to book.

The state of Iowa offers a deer hunter his or her best chance at harvesting a Booner, especially during the November archery season. I also believe Iowa, particularly the operations mentioned here, is primed to peak again, both from a deer-numbers standpoint and age-class perspective. I can’t say it any clearer, now is the time to book Iowa!

If I could bow hunt the big-buck country of Iowa every year I certainly would, but I can’t. It takes preference points. At a very minimum, you should buy a point before the June 3rd application deadline. In the near future, you will be glad you did. If you are already sitting on the required points to draw (four points for archery, one point for gun), the sooner you cash in these points, the better so you can  enjoy your hunt and also start building points for a future hunt. Don’t sit still, not for a year, not for a season. Never. Cash in those points, go hunting, build points, repeat.

Call and we can discuss the details of the two hunt options I mentioned above. Remember, the June 5 application deadline day falls on a Sunday this year. That can trip some people up. Don’t wait until the 5th and miss out. Call us and we’ll handle your application and/or book your hunt. June is almost here. Call by Friday, June 3.

We can be reached at 800-755-TAGS (8247) or email us here.

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