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Consultant’s Corner with Nathan Mrnak – Archery: Shooting Straight

Archery: Shooting Straight

WTA’s Director of Operations, Nathan Mrnak, shared with us some tips on how to shoot a bow with more finesse and to hit the target dead-on.

  1. Practice the way you hunt

Put on all of the gear you wear in the field when you’re shooting. Also, practice from any platforms you’ll use when hunting: treestands, blinds, on the ground, on your needs, or anything else you typically do while in the field. Use the same set-up you hunt with, such as release, arrows, and type of broadhead. Make sure you practice in all weather & light conditions you may encounter: low light, rain, snow, and hot or cold temperatures.


  1. Accuracy is Paramount

Never sacrifice accuracy and shot placement to shoot a bow that is set too heavy to pull back or too fast for your abilities. Talk to the experts at Cabela’s to make sure you’re using the right bow for your experience and that it is tuned up.


  1. Know your equipment and its limitations

Make sure you know how to tune your archery equipment so it will perform better, and know how to tell when something is out of tune. This can save you a lot of heartache. Make sure you know the effectiveness of your equipment and how it SHOULD perform so that you know when it needs to be tuned up.


  1. Know your limitations

Understand your comfort zone for making an ethical shot. The worst thing that can happen is that you shoot your target poorly and either lose the animal entirely or don’t find it until it’s been too long and the meat is all bad. Make sure you’re realistic with yourself about your physical capabilities.


  1. Ride your arrow to the target

When the moment of truth happens, don’t peak; just ride the arrow to the target.

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