Consultant’s Corner with Nathan Mrnak: Hunting Opportunities for your Kids

One of the things I am most proud of as an employee of WTA is something I see going on behind the scenes that most of us in the industry don’t talk enough about.  It’s the future of hunting. No, I am not talking about QDM or habitat management. I am referring to our youth.  You need to get those kids started young with WTA for several reasons:

1. WTA’s Commitment to Youth Hunting

I have never been part of a team that is so committed to taking the time to get their own children, nephews, nieces, and neighborhood kids in the field to introduce them to or continue to build on the experiences only one can have in the great outdoors hunting.  The only thing that tops those adventures is when we have clients inquire about opportunities for youth hunting, and then to see them go on a trip and come back with their own stories. Those days are truly the best days at work for us at WTA.

2. WTA has partnerships that help your youth hunter

Here at WTA, we have the right partnerships with our outfitters and understand the special circumstances that surround these types of adventures. Our consultants also understand that many of these opportunities are not well published or largely discussed. That is why I encourage you to give us a call.

3. We’re parents, too

Many of the consultants here at WTA have kids who love hunting. We understand the need to have balance between school, family commitments, and the drive to get out in the field. WTA can ensure you aren’t going to miss out on those hunts and bonding time with your kids in the field. We know what it takes to ensure your kids keep that school/life/family/hunt balance going.

3. Youth hunts in Missouri: An example

One example of an opportunity the the Missouri youth deer gun hunts.  Did you know that Missouri offers two Youth Deer gun hunts a year?  Typically, the first one happens at the end of October when the pre-rut is really starting to get fired up. Then the second usually happens after lock down around Thanksgiving. In my opinion, it is not too bad for timing if you want to catch a buck on their feet. I know from personal experience with my own kids, who I introduced to deer hunting at the age of 8, that these short Missouri youth seasons offer great opportunities to get them in the field.

5. WTA TAGS Kids Apply Free

Kids Apply Free with an adult applying through our WTA TAGS program. We can save you a ton of money and get your kids their preference points so they can start getting the good draws sooner!

Give us a call today, and ask what opportunities may be available for you to take a kid out hunting.

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