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Consultant’s Corner: Polarized Sunglasses

Travis Baker, WTA hunting & fishing consultant, gave us some tips on how and when to wear polarized sunglasses in the field–and why you should always wear them. Ever wonder what type of lens is best for the environment you’ll be in during your next trip? We have your answers!


Not matter if it’s a hunting or fishing trip, I never leave home with my polarized sunglasses. Here’s why:

1. On Fishing Trips

A good pair of polarized sunglasses can make or break a good fishing trip.  They take the glare off the water, which helps you spot more fish.

2. For UV protection

You always want to have polarized sunglasses on in the field to preserve your eyesight from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

3. Copper Lenses

Copper lens is great for variable and low light conditions such as trout fishing.

4. Blue/green mirror lenses

A blue/green mirror lens is best for saltwater fishing (bluewater or flats fishing) when you can have harsh sun or full sun conditions.

Polarized sunglasses not only help you spot fish, but they protect your eyes.  The last thing you want is a hook in the eye on a back cast from your buddy.  Protect your eyes!  You only have one pair.

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