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5 Reasons to Consider a Texas Aoudad Hunt

Texas Aoudad hunts are some of the most under-appreciated sheep hunts out there. However, they just might be your best bet for getting into sheep hunting! Here’s why:

1. Most affordable sheep hunt out there

Mountain sheep hunts can easily top $25,000-50,000. Or, you can apply for a tag in the lower 48 for years and maybe get to go for less. Barbary sheep (a.k.a. Aoudad) hunts, on the other hand, range in price from about $5,000 – $8,000. Plus, the license can purchased over the counter!

2. Great introduction to sheep hunting

Many of you may be a little gun shy to book a Dall sheep to Alaska or a Stone in B.C. That’s understandable. Most sheep hunts require excellent fitness and years of saving your hard earned money. Aoudad hunting will give you a taste of what sheep hunting is all about, and you won’t break the bank. These animals are found in some of the most spectacular and rugged terrain the West, yet can be done by anyone regardless of their age.

3. Great “off season” hunt option

Sheep season is typically short, but Texas aoudad hunts are available from mid September through early April. If you’re itching to do some big game hunting in the late winter or spring (when nothing else is in season), an aoudad hunt is a no brainer. Plus, it’s another excuse to go hunting!

4. Easy to get to

Since Texas aoudad can be found relatively close to populated areas, it’s much faster to get to your hunt and get going. You won’t need to charter a plane while traveling or take two weeks off of work. Let’s face it, time away from family is precious. Most aoudad hunts will also allow you to stay in a lodge with hot water and all the amenities you can’t have while staying in a spike camp. You’ll enjoy the mountains, but still be able to stay in comfort at night.

5. Great weather during the off season

Escape the frigid temperatures in January and February and enjoy the high desert weather of West Texas.

Here are a couple aoudad hunts we’d recommend:
Trophy West Texas Aoudad Hunts
Super Trophy Aoudad Sheep in Texas


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