Spring Black Bear Hunt

5 Best Black Bear Destinations

Black bear hunts can be a fun challenge. They’re full of heart-pumping excitement, adrenaline, and result in a great trophy (and delicious eats, too!). If you’ve never hunted bear, or even if you are a seasoned bear hunter, these may be the hunts you’ve been looking for.

1. Alberta

Black bear hunts in Alberta are especially unique because you have a great opportunity to get a trophy-quality black bear. There are often color phase bears in the area, and two-bear hunts give you the opportunity to harvest two monsters—all for a decent price. Here’s an example of an Alberta Black Bear Hunt.

2. Maine

If you’d rather not travel outside the US, or if you live in the eastern US, Maine has fantastic black bear hunts available. In a state where 90% of the land is covered by forest, opportunities for excellent black bear hunting abound. Check out this tree stand hunt with high success in Maine.

3. Quebec

Are you also a fan of fishing? In Quebec, some black bear hunts are set up as a combo with fishing for walleye and pike! They’re a bit more limited in capacity, but there aren’t many chances to harvest both a bear and fish in one trip, both with high-quality catches and trophy-quality bear for this area. Take a look at this combo black bear/fishing trip!

4. Idaho

Do you prefer baited or hound hunts? In Idaho, you can hunt in an area full of wild fruit trees where bears are drawn from the mountains nearby to fatten up. Bears feeding on berries are always sweeter eating, so if you’re looking for some excellent wild game out of your hunt, this should be your go-to. You’re also looking at 5-star accommodations. Here’s an example of one of these hunts.

5. Saskatchewan

Do you bring your friends with you when you hunt? This Saskatchewan outfitter is a great place to go with a group. Overall excellent trophy quality bears and if you are an archer, a good opportunity to take the bow when you book with this outfitter in Saskatchewan.


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