Frank Cole with mongolian ibex trophy

What Happens After I Take My Trophies on International Hunts?

International hunts are thrilling and a unique experience. With the amazing experience comes things you don’t have to worry about when hunting in your home country. WTA’s International Consultant, Frank Cole, has some excellent tips for how to handle the specifics after you’ve taken your trophies. 

1.Customs Broker

Hire a US Customs Broker prior to your trip to assist with the importation of your trophies from international hunts. These agencies are experts at ensuring your trophies are transported with the best care and attention to detail, including dip & pack and freight. They’re aware of all laws around transport of trophies and ensure you don’t have to trudge through the difficult legal documentation and figure it out on your own. WTA uses and recommends D&L Customs Brokers

2. Communicate

After your trophies are harvested, clearly communicate how you want your trophy skinned/caped for mounting. Watch this process in case of language or cultural misunderstandings.

3. Asian Trophies Transported by Hand

If you intend to hand carrying trophies home from Asia, make sure you understand the entire process from salting, turning lips/ears, extra bags for trophy, transferring through additional countries, arrive days/times in US to clear trophies, USF&W Ports of Entry, procession of all permits/license. This is a complex process, so it is imperative that you do your homework before you head out on your hunt.

4. At Home

Once you return home, contact your outfitter, foreign taxidermist/expeditor, US Customs broker, your US taxidermist via one e-mail with everyone and re-document exact trophies and parts you are importing into US so each party can double check along the way.

5. Curios a No-Go

Adding curios into crate may delay trophy importations. Any curios made of wood, grasses, seeds, or other natural material will need to be inspected/cleared by US Customs. You may owe taxes on curios shipped into US.

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