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Haven’t drawn a tag yet this year? This is for you!

From Jordan Christensen, WTA Consultant and TAGS Application Expert

Tip 1: You don’t apply for Idaho…Why not?

With the tags application season in full swing, and many of the state deadlines come and gone, I find myself talking with many hunters about what options to consider if they happen to be unsuccessful in the states they have selected to apply for. Often times these conversations tend to drift towards over-the- counter options. The reality is that although these options exist, more often than not they are a complete 180 degrees from what their previous goals were. This is where Idaho can really shine, because with no point system in place in Idaho, you have the same odds as any other non-resident each year. This along with the fact that you have to choose whether you will apply for sheep, moose, or mountain goat or deer, elk and antelope makes for a perfect storm and some of the best odds in the country for some top shelf hunting.

Tip 2: Moose, Sheep, and Mountain Goat Deadline April 30, 2017 (TAGS DEADLINE April 23, 2017)

The odds for these species are some of the best you will find in the country. When an applicant selects to apply for any of these three species they are allowed to only select one choice, and they are not allowed to apply for any deer, elk, or antelope application in that year. This in turn produces these amazing odds, and if any of these three species are on your bucket list you need to start applying. How good are the odds? Call a WTA TAGS consultant today for a free consultation, and we can explain them in detail as some of them are simply incredible.

Tip 3: Deer, Elk, and Antelope Deadline June 5, 2017 (TAGS DEADLINE May 28, 2017)

If chasing bugling bulls or glassing up a monster buck is really what gets your blood pumping then Idaho has created an incredible opportunity that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Many of the draw units in the southern half of the state are producing some world class animals, and the best part is that you don’t have to apply every year if you choose not to. Without any point system in place Idaho should be your ace in the hole each year.

With tags application deadline after most of the draw results have posted, an applicant has one last chance at a top shelf tag. If you are successful elsewhere you don’t have to apply as you will not fall behind any type of point curve. This along with some of the best prices for youth, and disabled veteran hunting in the west don’t overlook your last chance to get in on a world class hunt.

Tip 4: What can I do with my hunting license if I don’t end up drawing?

The last reason Idaho makes perfect sense to add to your application portfolio is if you are the type of sportsman that is going to hunt in the western United States one way or the other. Any given year, the over-the-counter options in Idaho are some of the best in the country. The success rates in these areas are often higher than many of the over-the-counter options in other states, and the quality that these areas produce is exciting for the sportsman willing to put in the work.

Don’t get me wrong, just like most other over-the-counter areas you are going to have lots of company, and plan on getting as far from the roads as you can, but year in and year out it tends to be an overall better experience. Lastly, it’s nice to know there are some great options to consider, and if you are planning a trip here regardless it would be a mistake to not apply for one of the premier areas of the state while you are at it.

Tip 5: How do I get involved?

This is the easy part: just give us a call at WTA TAGS and talk to a consultant about enrolling in the TAGS program. Our professional consultants can talk to you about your goals and build you a plan that will be sure to accomplish them. With no annual fees, you will simply be charged for the applications you select that particular year, and with our YOUTH APPLY FREE program, we can make sure you and your young hunters are 100% taken care of.

Important Notes:

  • Youth hunting license* is only $31.75
  • Disabled American Veteran (DAV) hunting license** $31.75
  • Youth or Disabled Veteran Deer License $23.75
  • Youth or Disables Veteran Elk License $39.75

*Must be accompanied by an adult with a valid hunting license $154.75
**Must present a letter from the VA office showing a percentage of disability of at least 40%.  Our consultants can help with this.

Check out this incredible deal for Mule Deer in Southern Idaho. If you are interested in learning more about this hunt call WTA TAGS today at 1-800-755-8247.  The odds of drawing are too good to be true!


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