Wyoming Antelope – POINTS ONLY

Wyoming Antelope – POINTS ONLY by Erik Schell

Of all the western big game species there are maybe none quite as iconic as the pronghorn antelope. Small in stature, typically weighing only 80-140 pounds, they rely on keen eyesight that is known to be similar to 10X binoculars. This, combined with their ability to sprint at speeds of over 60 mph, make pronghorn a unique and challenging species to hunt.

Wyoming is home to the largest population of antelope and due to improved range conditions we are set to experience the “glory days” of Wyoming antelope hunting over the next few years. Wyoming not only leads the U.S. in overall population but it also leads in overall Boone & Crockett Record Book entries.

Wyoming issues all of its antelope tags through a draw process. For the DIY hunter, great areas offering large amounts of public land can currently be drawn with as few as three preference points. DIY applicants must also remember Wyoming does issue 25% off all licenses randomly regardless of the number of preference points, meaning if you don’t have any points, you can still draw a tag the first year you apply! Applicants looking to hire an outfitter can typically draw a license the first year they apply.

Regardless of your hunting goals, Wyoming has an antelope hunt that will fit everyone’s desires, from the discerning trophy hunter looking for a record book buck to the father taking his kids on a action packed youth hunt.

The Wyoming “point only” application period for antelope, as well as all species found within the state, is now open. Do not miss out on the chance to increase your odds of drawing a 2019 tag. Contact WTA TAGS today to discuss the vast array of antelope hunting options found in Wyoming. WTA TAGS can be reached at 1-800-755-TAGS(8247) charles-ferenchick-4

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