New Mexico Coues Deer – 2019 Apply for Free!


When the state of New Mexico is mentioned among hunting circles the conversation will rarely, if ever, lead into Coues deer hunting.  The fact is many hunters do not even know Coues deer exist outside of Arizona and Old Mexico. The truth is New Mexico offers fantastic hunting opportunities with phenomenal draw odds for Coues deer.   Coues deer are found only in the extreme southwestern […]

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Alaska Tags Deadline


Well the application season is once again upon us. Alaska has a December 17th application deadline. Here is a little more detail on the Alaska draw and the species available to apply for. Hunting The Last Frontier can be a really special experience and drawing a tag can certainly improve your chances of success on taking […]

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Wyoming All Species Points Only


Without question, the Consulting team at WTA TAGS field more phone calls on Wyoming hunting opportunities than any other state in the West.  This can be attributed to the diverse hunting opportunities that exist across this game-rich state. Wyoming truly offers a hunt that falls under every sportsmen’s bucket list of “must do” adventures. If […]

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Alaska Caribou – Why you Should be Applying in This Trophy Unit


When I first got started in this industry nearly 20 years ago, you could hunt just about anywhere in the “North Country” and come home with a couple of nice caribou.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone.  Climate change, pressure, subsistence hunting, over grazing, predation have all played roles in the steady decline in caribou […]

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