by Mark Peterson

The TAGS division of Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA) wants to assist our young people in hunting for some of the most coveted big game trophies in the United States.  Therefore, we have a program where our WTA TAGS licensing application service is FREE for applicants ages 18 or younger as long as a parent or guardian is also applying.  In many instances, applicants under age 18 have far better odds of drawing a tag of a lifetime, than an adult.   The odds for youth are oftentimes 4 to 10 times better than an adult applying for the same permit.  A great example is elk in New Mexico, where in the world class Ville Vidal unit, the odds for a youth rifle tag are roughly 1 in 6 while the odds for an adult are roughly 1 in 70.

Madison Miller

Applying early in those states offering preference/bonus points, you will usually increase your drawing odds much earlier in adulthood.  Can you imagine the opportunity to hunt a Desert or a Rocky Mountain Bighorn while you are a youth or young adult?  With KIDS APPLY FREE FOR TAGS AT WTA, it can happen.

Ibex Tags
Nicholas Jenzano

At WTA, we have had literally hundreds of youth draw TAGS through our KIDS APPLY FREE FOR TAGS WITH WTA program.  Our Consultants will help you, and your child, by recommending application strategies that are consistent with your goals.   We will help you with state recommendations and hunt areas.  It does not matter whether you are seeking a trophy that is an antelope, a deer, an elk or any of the many trophies available.  Our consultants will assist you and, if you are 18 or under, we even float the tag fees FREE of charge.

Antelope Tags
Rafe Buettenback

Don’t put off any longer.  Enroll your child in WTA’s KIDS APPLY FREE FOR TAGS WITH WTA program today.  This is the time to start them on their way to someday drawing the tags they desire.  Just give us a call and ask to speak with a TAGS Consultant and we will help you with the entire application process.  Remember, the earlier you start your child on our KIDS APPLY FREE FOR TAGS WITH WTA program, the greater their chances are of drawing that tag of a lifetime.

Oryx Tags
Morgan Miller
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