Montana – Trophy Elk Opportunity without the Wait!


Montana – Trophy Elk Opportunity without the Wait!


For many of us elk is a species we dream to hunt. Coming from back east it was always very high on my bucket list as it is with many others from my side of the country. After moving out West it is a species I now truly love to hunt. I am always looking for different angles to find new areas to not only hunt elk, but to hunt big elk. A lot of us can’t afford the price of big bulls anymore if we plan to go outfitted. Elk prices have soared and the opportunity just isn’t what it used to be. That is why drawing tags is the best chance to be able to hunt large bulls, whether it be via an outfitted hunt or DIY. There are lots of great places to hunt big bulls: Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada to name a few. All of these states have something in common – for the most part, to draw the primo units, it will take years and years of applying unless you get lucky. That is not a bad thing, it is a great idea to diversify your portfolio and have those long-term goals. In-fact, some of these hunts will be the best on the planet and it’s just not realistic to think you will draw them more than once-in-a-lifetime. So what does a guy do that wants to hunt big bulls, that doesn’t necessarily want to wait for an extended period? Or can’t afford a $12,000 hunt? One word…..Montana!


Montana boast a great opportunity for archery hunters. There are several units in the eastern part of the state that are producing GREAT bulls. At the same time these areas come with very reasonable draw odds. These units are taking as few as 2-4 bonus points to draw which is outstanding. The caliber of the bulls are going to be 290-330 on average with an off chance at 350+ type bulls. Obviously, these do not live around every corner but they absolutely call these units home. We have secured some great outfitted opportunities in these units. The hunt cost is one of the most attractive pieces, coming in at around $6,500 2×1. These hunts will cover your guided hunt, meals, lodging and in-field transportation. We are really excited about this as these hunts are definitely a great opportunity for archery hunters to get on great bulls at a very good price.


The Montana draw system is a little different in the fact that they have a preference point system for the general license and a bonus point system for the limited entry license. Additionally, one must first draw a general license before their name can be in the hat for a limited-entry drawing. That is why it is important to purchase a bonus point and a preference point just to be on the safe side. This ensures that you draw your general license. One of the great things about MT is the fact that we have until the end of September to purchase points. That means, even the guys behind the eight ball, can give us a call and get started on their Montana points this season. Here at WTA TAGS our Consultants can go through the draw process and hunt opportunities with you. This is one that definitely should be on your radar, especially if you are into archery and big bulls.  Call WTA TAGS today and get applied for this great opportunity today. DON’T MISS OUT – 1-800-755-TAGS (8247).



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