Nepal Blue Sheep 2020


Who wouldn’t want to go on the hunting adventure of a lifetime to a place often called the “roof of the world”?  Nepal is the home of Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world and in fact, eight of the ten highest peaks in the world are located in Nepal.  There are over 240 peaks in Nepal exceeding 20,000 feet, making it one of the most breath taking countries to visit.


I have been hooked on mountain hunting and specifically on sheep hunting from the first time my boots hit the mountain to chase Dall Sheep.   There is nothing that tests a hunter like sheep hunting as it tests hunters both physically and mentally like nothing else.  When I laid out my list of dream hunts, Blue Sheep in Nepal was number one.  I always told myself that when the opportunity was right I’d be there.  As I started laying out my schedule for the next couple of years and planning which tags WTA should secure to make sure our clients had the best of the best, Nepal was the top priority for me.  So this year, I pulled the trigger and set the hunt up for April of 2020.  We chose this future date to make sure we could get exactly what we needed so that our WTA hunters would have the best hunting experience possible.


The Dhorpatan hunting reserve is the only area in Nepal where hunting is allowed and that is where our hunt will take place.  The reserve starts at 9,800 feet elevation and goes all the way up to 23,000 feet in elevation.   The majority of our hunting will happen between 11,500 and 16,500 feet.  Our group will arrive into Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, which is a short distance from the reserve.  We will then be transported by helicopter into the hunting area which is near to 11,500 feet in elevation.  At this camp, our hunters will spend the night to help acclimate to the elevation.   On day three, our hunters will hike up to our Blue Sheep camp and begin their adventure.


Hunting in Nepal can be challenging because hunters will need to find the animals on foot at high altitude.  But, shot opportunity has been 100% over the past couple of years.  If hunters are prepared both physically and mentally for this adventure, they should expect to have great success.


If you are looking for an adventure in one of the most unique hunting locations in the world, please give us a call at WTA or click the link HERE for more information. And, when you compare the cost of this Nepal adventure to other sheep hunts in North America, you will see that it is closer in cost to Dall Sheep than to the other three North American sheep species.

Blue Sheep in Nepal


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