New Mexico Exotics – Oryx & Ibex

Species: Ibex
Location: New Mexico

New Mexico allocates a limited number of non-resident tags to pursue Oryx and Ibex in a free range environment. These unique offerings are a chance for hunters to purse some of the great collector species of the world, without the time and expense of traveling to African continent or country of Turkey.


The best hunting for Oryx in New Mexico are the Once-In-A-Lifetime tags offered on the White Sands Missile Range. So what is the best part of this adventure? Is it the first time you lay eyes on the stunning beauty of an African Gemsbok? Is it the stalking pursuit through the rolling desert sands of New Mexico, playing “cat & mouse” with this wary herd. Or is it just the simple pleasure of seeing the words – SUCCESSFUL DRAW – after your name on the day the draw results post? For me, all these factors played a part in an experience I will never forget. However, it wasn’t until I arrived back home where I finally figured out my greatest pleasure of drawing this incredible tag –  Oryx or African Gemsbok is the most delicious wild game I have ever been fortunate enough to have on my table.


(The Bezoar species … typically hunted in the country or Turkey)

This is an absolutely incredible opportunity for those lucky enough to draw in New Mexico. It takes place on the rugged Florida Mountain Range near Deming, New Mexico and when I say rugged – I mean rugged. For those up to the challenge and lucky enough to draw, you will truly experience the hunt-of-a-lifetime. Because the odds of drawing the ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME rifle tag are so difficult, WTA TAGS recommends applying muzzleloader as your second choice. For those insane enough to attempt the bow hunt for this cliff dwelling mammal, drawing odds improve yet again. Last year the drawing odds for the October archery tag in the guided pool, were better than 1 in 6.


WTA TAGS can apply you for either or both of these species, but you’ve got to hurry. The New Mexico state application deadline is fast approaching – March 20th. Remember, we make it easy – we will float the $1,610 tag fee to apply. To do this, we charge $160 per specie (WTA TAGS offers free youth applications). You will also have to pay for the $13 state application fee and mandatory license/stamp purchase of $74. If drawn, you’re looking at guide fees of roughly $1,800 on the Oryx hunt and $5,500 on the Ibex hunt. What an incredible value, definitely worth a roll of the dice.

If interested, call a WTA TAGS Consultant immediately – don’t wait 1-800-755-TAGS (8247).


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