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Since the Super Slam of North American 29 (NA29) was introduced, many hunters have completed it. However, there has never been a hunter who completed the NA29 with all three weapons: rifle, muzzleloader, and bow. My goal with Triple Threat is to make history and complete the Super Slam three times, once with each weapon.


I know what you’re thinking. Mark, you’re crazy! How does anyone have the time or the resources to complete the slam three times? I’m fortunate enough to be an owner of the best booking agency and license application service in the world, Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA). My team of experts at WTA will be helping me along my journey. They will get my tags applications in so I can draw the tags I need to meet my goals. They will set me up with the most reputable outfitters to improve my success in the field. Then, after I get that outfitter booked, the WTA travel team will set up everything else—airfare, charter flights, hotels, etc. This will allow me to focus on what I do best: filming and hunting.


My team of consultants at WTA is keenly aware of things that I can’t possibly keep track of—such as which outfitter or tag will give me the best chance for success in getting a grizzly with a bow. Some will be better for archery and some will be better for muzzleloader. WTA will ensure I get the best chances for success every time I hit the field. I also have the backing of several outfitters I am part-owner of: Whitaker Brothers Hunting Co., Salt River Outfitters, and Goose Haven Canada; they are all outstanding organizations, some of the best in the business.


Starting today, all of my NA29 hunts are going to be filmed. I have a professional field producer who will join me and record every adventure. I’ll also show you how the best outfitters in the industry—WBHC, GHC, SRO—operate, why they get the best reviews, and how they get our clients in the best position for success. Furthermore, I will be continuing my international adventures as well. These along with several of my NA29 adventures are going to be filmed for Cabela’s Instinct: Expedition Series. Both of these shows will be produced at Rusted Rooster Media, with my partners, Casey and Chris Keefer, Jason Brown, and the rest of our amazing team. I may be a bit biased, but I truly believe Rusted Rooster is the very best production studio in the outdoor industry.


As you can imagine, this journey is going to test me immensely—both physically and mentally. I’ll be training hard when I am not hunting and missing my family like crazy when I am out in the field. Being prepared means I will be practicing with all three weapons to ensure I’m ready for anything that can happen in the field. I’ll also start pushing my body harder in the gym than I ever have before. I’ll spend as much time as possible with my wife & kids getting R&R between adventures. Then I can focus on my NA29 goals when I’m in the field and get the best results possible.


After each trip, I promise to let you know why I chose certain areas or times of year or other factors that went into my decisions for each adventures. Hopefully, I can show you ways to better leverage your knowledge and include things I’ve learned as a professional hunter that will help you be more successful on your own quests—whatever they may be.


Mark Peterson is CEO of Worldwide Trophy Adventures and Host of Cabela’s Instinct: Expedition Series on The Sportsman Channel.

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