Understanding The Wyoming Big Game Draw


Preference points are the most valuable asset any sportsmen can have that is looking to hunt the great state of Wyoming. Whether you’re trying to organize a simple antelope hunt with friends or a once-in-a-lifetime trophy bull elk hunt, you will find that your preference point status will dictate the hunt options available to you.


Before diving into detail regarding the licensing process I feel it is very important to simply define what a preference point is. Definition: Preference Point- A preference point is awarded for a specific species when you apply for that species but are unsuccessful in drawing a tag then go back into the state system and purchase a point or purchase a preference point during the point only period. Preference points are species specific and in no way, shape or form tied to a hunt area or weapon.


Understanding the Wyoming licensing process or leaning on a service such as WTA TAGS is pivotal when planning a hunt in the cowboy state. Tags in Wyoming are issued through a fairly predictable, preference point, draw style system that contains a random element. This meets the best of both worlds, as those who need to plan hunts can do so, and those looking to “get lucky” always have a chance. Tags for most hunts are split with 75% of the tags being awarded to applicants with the most preference points and the remaining 25% going randomly to all other applicants regardless of preference point status. Each and every year WTA TAGS has countless clients harvest once-in-a-lifetime type trophies utilizing the random draw. To maximize random draw odds applicants need to be up to date on unit trends, historical draw data, and any/all changes in tag quotas which can be extremely time consuming. Our consulting team spends countless hours every year ensuring TAGS clients receive optimum random draw odds.


Preference points are issued for the following species in Wyoming-

  • Elk
  • Antelope
  • Deer
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Shiras Moose


By building preference points a hunter will have access to coveted areas that receive a limited amount of hunting pressure. This fact equates to a very high-quality hunting experience as well as the chance to harvest an animal of superior trophy quality.


Wyoming does allow hunters to purchase preference points for all of the above mentioned species during their point only period – DEADLINE October 31st.  Regardless if you are planning to hunt Wyoming in the future or not, do yourself a favor, begin building points!

If you would like to begin purchasing preference points in Wyoming, have questions regarding the Wyoming draw system, or would like to discuss one of WTA’s great Wyoming hunts – please Click Here to contact a TAGS Consultant by email or feel free to give us a call- 1-800-755-TAGS (8247).

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