2020 Central Barren Ground Caribou

September 7-13, 2020

Join Mark Peterson, WTA owner and co-host of Cabela’s Instinct Series as he travels to "Nunavet" the nothern most province of Canada in search of trophy Central Barren Ground Caribou. 

Here you will trek the boundless tundra, bask in the colors of autumn and breathe the scent of the crisp arctic air. It’s a thrilling adventure in the far North where few have traveled. You and your Inuit guide will stalk the majestic caribou and navigate the land like they have for hundreds of years. This caribou camp is located on Contwoyto Lake which lies approximately 250 miles north of the nearest civilization and is only accessible by air. Here you will find a modern tented camp that is equipped with all the gear you will need for this 5 day hunt. In-field transportation primarily consists of modern 16' & 18' boats that are used to get you to your hunting area and aid in the retrieval of your trophy. Due to the diverse terrain in this region of Nunavut, these hunts are very conducive to both archery and rifle hunters. During the peak migration it is not uncommon to see over 250 caribou per day. Over the past several years hunters have experienced over high shot opportunity on trophy bulls ranging from 320" to over 400 inches. To top off this trip, if you are successful and weather/time permits Contwoyto Lake has some outstanding trophy fishing for lake trout, arctic char and grayling. Opportunities for wolf, wolverine and ptarmigan hunting may be available with purchase of license. These hunts are a great price and availability is limited. #310

Special WTA Pricing

$9,500 + 5% Tax, License & Charter

*$1,500 charter due upon arrival 

Caribou tags are $300 each

Wolf and wolverine tags are $170 each (max one wolf and one wolverine tag per person)


Availability: SOLD OUT

Or Call: 1-800-346-8747