Outfitter #616

Alaska Moose Hunting Outfitter


This trophy Alaska moose hunt takes place within a 1,000,000 acre National Wildlife Refuge in central Alaska where this veteran outfitter has exclusive access. He has been a wilderness trapper for over twenty five years, spending more than half of the year in this concession guiding and trapping. These hunts are conducted by traveling the river by boat, stopping to glass and call. The outfitter has over 200 river miles in this concession. Often times, moose and bears are spotted right along the river bank. The hunting is by canoe (with outboards). Each camp is comfortable with plenty of food, good tents, cots and sleeping pads. The moose population in this area is excellent with a high success rate over the past several years. The outfitter typically take 10 moose hunters per year, including two moose/grizzly combination hunters. Trophy quality on bulls is also excellent with 60"+ wide bulls harvested annually.  The long term success rate on moose is 85%.  All hunters have the possibility to also harvest black bear and wolves on this hunt, on a trophy fee basis. The typical moose hunt has two options:

1)Float Hunt

This option will have the hunter and guide start in the upper reaches of the river system and then systematically work downstream hunting along an entire section of river drainage. Some of the floats are up to 70 miles long, taking 10 days or so to complete. Each canoe has a motor on it to allow for easy navigation to and from camp. You will be running up stream in the early morning and floating back and then repaeating this process in the afternoon. You have the option to hunt a productive area thoroughly by this method, and to even return further upstream and re-hunt an area if you desire. Sometimes you'll work your way up a drainage by starting at the river mouth and systematically moving the camp as you go. This will allow you to hunt new and exciting areas.

2)Main Camp Hunt

It is possible to hunt from a more comfortable wall tent camp, complete with wood stoves. These hunts are done the same as on the float trips, except that you will come back to the main camp every evening, unless you choose to spike out to try something different. When hunting by this method you will mainly focus on a specific section of river using different hunting strategies accordingly. You still have the option to spike out from this main location if you desire. Hunting from a main camp requires a bit more patience, as you will be checking the same lakes and meadows daily and encouraging the moose to come to you by different methods calling, but the opportunity to harvest is still the same.

3)Moose Grizzly Combination Hunt

This hunt is limited to just a couple of hunters each year. This hunt is 14 days long and typically involves four to five days of focusing on grizzly, then relocating a short distance to focus on moose. We have been fortunate to harvest some really nice trophies on these extended hunts. Please inquire for availibility #616


2019: Moose only $19,000 (10 days)

2019: Moose/Grizzly $24,500 (14 days)

*$1,000 charter flight to camp, 1x1 guided

Grizzly trophy fee on moose hunt $6,000



Lodging, Meals, In-Field Transportation, Infield Trophy Care, Wall Tent, and Spike Tent
Airfare, Gratuities, License, and Personal Items

Fly to Fairbanks, AK and overnight. Next day fly to Minchumina AK via Wright Air, outfitter will meet you there and charter to camp. Flight from Fairbanks to camp is approx. $1,000 and covers all flying during the hunt including getting your trophy and meat out of the field.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Fly to Fairbanks and overnight

Day 2: Early morning commercial flight to Minchumina where the outfitter will charter you to camp in the afternoon.

Days 3-12 Hunt

Day 13 Chartered back to Minchumina where you will depart on the last flight of the day for Faribanks or continue your trip home.

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

The outfitter is a license vendor so license and all tags can be ourchased in camp with cash.  $160 license, $800 moose tag, $1,000 grizzly tag, $450 black bear tag, $100 wolf tag.  A portion of this area require you to draw the moose tag.  If your hunt is booked prior to Dec. 31, we recommend you apply for this part of the concession. WTA will provide hunt code and instructions on how to apply.  If unsuccessful, simply purchase a tag in camp.

Physical Requirement Level

Level 3 - These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback, while hunting species such as elk, moose, bear; also, some mountain lion and African Cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking can be involved.

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