Outfitter #002

Alaska Trophy Moose and Bear Combination Hunts


Since 1983, this Alaskan-born outfitter/bush pilot has been offering world class big-game hunts in the mountain ranges of western Alaska. He has logged over 12,000 hours in a bush plane and knows the area and its game intimately. This combo hunt is for Alaska/Yukon moose, grizzly, black bear, wolf, and wolverine. The area is at the convergence of three rivers and is a natural funnel area for moose, grizzly bears, and black bears. There is also terrific fishing available for salmon, char, and rainbow trout. Over the past years, hunters have experienced near extremely high shot opportunities on bulls measuring from 55 to over 70 inches! In addition to moose hunting, the area also has a good population of interior grizzlies measuring from 7 to 8 feet.

The main camp consists of a comfortable lodge with shower and several guest cabins. Main camp even has wifi so you can stay in touch with family and work. Spike camps are where the hunting takes place and are a short super cub flight away. Located in game rich areas, the spike camps consist of high quality tents, cots, equipment, and plenty of good food. The guides are all very knowledgeable of the area and its game. Packers are also available to pack your moose out so that you can get back to hunting as soon as possible. This is the ultimate combination hunt for any sportsman looking for true trophy class game. WTA has had several customers come home with three and even all five trophies on this hunt. This is a very well organized outfitter who will go the distance to make sure that you have the ultimate Alaskan experience. A limited number of these combo hunts are available each year so early reservations are required. #002


$25,500+ $1,000 charter + license & tags (Moose, wolf & wolverine) 

$30,000 + $1,000 charter + license & tags,( moose, brown bear/grizzly, black bear, wolf and wolverine)


September 9-day hunts



1x1 guide, meals, tent camp accommodations, in-field transportation and trophy care of game.

Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Meat Processing, Airfare, Gratuities, Taxidermy, and Personal Items

Charter to camp ($1,000), gratuities, license, tags.


Fly to Anchorage and overnight. The following morning, take the first available flight to Aniak where you will meet the outfitter and charter to base camp. You will purchase your license and tags in base camp, check your rifle, and enjoy a hot lunch before being flown to your spike camp in the afternoon. On departure day, you will be flown back to Aniak where you will take the last commercial flight to Anchorage and continue home.

Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Fly to Anchorage and overnight.
Day 2: You will take an early morning commercial flight to Aniak where the outfitter will charter you onto camp in the afternoon.
Day 3-11: Moose hunt.
Day 12: You will be chartered back to Aniak where you will depart on the last flight of the day for Anchorage. You will overnight in Anchorage.
Day 13: Depart Anchorage for your trip home.

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

Purchase online at https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/Store/ prior to arrival, $160 license, $1,000 Brown/Grizz, $800 moose, black bear $450, wolverine $350, $60 wolf

* Please bring ALL tags, licenses, and copies of the paperwork with you as they’ll need verification for their camp records of your purchases. Once you are in camp, you will not have the opportunity to purchase any additional tags or licenses.

Physical Requirement Level

Level 3 - These hunts are a true wilderness experience and are usually conducted on horseback, while hunting species such as elk, moose, bear; also, some mountain lion and African Cape buffalo. Difficult to extreme hiking and backpacking can be involved.

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