Outfitter #057

Pamir Ibex in Tajikistan


The Pamir Ibex is one of the largest ibex in size and grow the longest horns. Males can weigh as much as 285 pounds (130 kg), or even more .Its coloration is very different from that of the Siberian and Gobi ibexes. In winter coat, most adult males are a cinnamon-brown color of varying intensity, becoming browner and duller on the flanks, shoulders and thighs. There usually is a dark, well-developed dorsal stripe, and also a light-colored saddle patch that can vary in size, shape and location. A very dark flank band separates the brown flanks from the whitish belly. There is a distinct brown band on the front surface of the forelegs, a lighter one on the hind legs. The head is lighter than the flanks-actually somewhat grayish-and the beard is brown. However, there is a good deal of individual variation in color and markings. Some animals are darker or lighter, and some are a uniform light gray color. The dorsal stripe may be wide, narrow, or absent entirely. The saddle patch may be light or dark, large or small, on the neck or shoulder instead of the small of the back, absent entirely, or there may be more than one patch. Females seldom if ever have a saddle patch.

The style of hunting is driving (not always on roads) and then stopping when sheep are spotted or stopping to glass. If a good ram is spotted, there are two ways to approach. Most common is for the guides to quickly get you as close as they can by vehicle. The sheep may stop and watch from within shooting range, presenting a good shot opportunity. This is a hunt to be prepared to shoot long-range for best chance for success.

Our outfitter has been organizing hunts in Asia & Europe for 20+ years and their highly skilled and professional team in camp at the airports and throughout your hunt make sure that everyone has an experience of a lifetime. With over 3,500 successful Asia hunts, of which many hunters harvested World Record Trophies, we are confident in stating that our outfitter is simply unmatched!



Non-hunters - $500/day

Trophy fees on additional species:

Wolf $3,000 - animal of opportunity

Trophy fees subject to change


The best time of the year, which is the rut, is the end of Nov through the end of December. With the rut happening every day is a new day. Also the second half of January is really good. In January the snow comes in and it pushes the sheep down which is why it is better. The rut will be over then but the sheep that were out of site usually show up at that time.


Visa invitation, hunting license, gun import permits, hunting organization up to mentiond days and one trophy fee, area fees, customs cleance, transfer from/to closest airport of main destination, accommodations/food at hunting area, interpreter and local guides.


Visa, all airfare, hotel accomodations before/after hunt, hotel extras, insurance, Ripcord, cancellation fees, CITES permit as needed, trophy shippment, Istanbul airport handling fees, tips, additional trophies, sight seeing tours, booking formality fee approx $500, ground transfer between Dushanbe and camp and taxidermy.


You will leave from the US out of New York or Atlanta and you will fly directly to Instanbul using Turkish Airlines. You will then continue using Turkish Airlines to the capitol of Tajikistan which is Dushambe.

  • From Dushambe you can choose to do one of two things:
  • Small flight to khorog and then by car for 6 or 7 hours


Or you can drive from Dushanbe to Khorog. which is around a 14 hour drive. The perk to driving is that your body will have time to climatize and your blood will be able to get more oxygen before the hunt.

Approximately $2,500 ground transfer Dushanbe - Khorog - Camp round trip.


WTA highly recommend staying two nights in Istanbul, and this is for two reasons:

1)                You are embarking on a high altitude hunt and the combination of altitude and jetlag (you may be up to 14 time zones from home) is not pleasant, so a couple of days to acclimatize in a comfortable hotel is a great way to mitigate the effects of jetlag.


2)        If your bag or rifle is lost, this gives two days for it to be located and for you to catch up with it. While hunting in such a specialized environment you will have specific clothing and needs and you will want your own bag before proceeding!


Istanbul is a very historic town and there is a great person, Our outfitter offers comprehensive day tours. Or, you can spend the day relaxing and gently getting over jetlag in the hotel. WTA will book your hotel and all transfers for you.

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

For all permits your outfitter need at least 2 months prior to the trip to prepare. You will need to send a copy of your passport and firearm details to your WTA consultant and outfitter

Physical Requirement Level

Level 4 - All sheep hunts, goat, most grizzly and brown bear, some mountain lion and elephant. The terrain and/or animals can involve some dangerous situations. These hunts will probably require extreme physical endurance and some athletic ability.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile.