Outfitter #262

"KIDS HUNT FREE" Hunting South Africa's Eastern Cape


South Africa safari in the Eastern Cape, WTA's research has made it nearly impossible for you to have any excuses not to go hunting. This husband and wife team is the fifth generation on their Eastern Cape property and host a first-class safari where the outfitter himself was taught to hunt at a young age by his father. With 60,000+ acres of private land and over 200,000 acres of nearby concessions consisting of dense African bush, vast open savannas surrounded by rolling hills and mountains will sure to make your safari memorable. With the diverse terrain and fauna they are able to offer the hunting of 30 different species along with non-hunting activities, including game viewing, horseback rides and day excursions, plus you may relax and enjoy a massage, sauna or Jacuzzi at their wellness & hydro spa. Guests are accommodated in an African style guesthouse with all the amenities that you would come to expect from any small luxury hotel in the world and can cater to private and corporate groups alike and 3 African style chalets with ensuite bath. Dinners are exquisite cuisine with varied menus that include local game, fresh vegetables, home-baked breads and fine wines. This is an ideal hunt for friends and families. Do not hesitate to take your wife and children, as they will have the time of their lives. Whether you're a first-time Africa hunter or a seasoned veteran, you will do yourself a favor by going on this safari. Don't let this opportunity get away. Sundays are non-hunting days. You may tour Addo elephant park, mountain zebra park, relax at the spa and/or enjoy a barbeque.



7-day schedule with 6-hunting days - 5 trophies
$7,450 - 1x1
$6,550 - 2x1
Trophy fees for the following animals
2 of the following - mix and match:
Cape Kudu
Red Hartebeest
Blue Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest

Impala or Mountain Reedbuck
Common Springbuck

9-day schedule with 8-hunting days - 7 trophies
$9,790 - 1x1
$8,780 - 2x1
Trophy fees for the following animals:
3 of the following - mix and match:
Cape Kudu
Red Hartebeest
Blue Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest
Your choice of the following
White Springbuck or Black Springbuck
Your choice of the following
Impala or Mountain Reedbuck
Common Springbuck

Day rate safaris
$490/day - 1x1
$400/day - 2x1
$210/day - Observers

Trophy fees on additional animals
Common Blesbuck $545
White Blesbuck $785
Bontebuck $POR
Cape Bushbuck $900
Caracal $900
Grey Duiker $420
Blue Duiker $1,500
Cape Eland $2,500
Fallow deer $630 - seasonal
Gemsbuck $1,500
Giraffe $4,500
Cape Grysbuck $1,450
Red Hartebeest $1,250
Southern Impala $545
Klipspringer $1,450
Eastern Cape Kudu $1,950
Red Lechwe $2,850
Nyala $2,750
Ostrich $965
Mountain Reedbuck $545
Vaal Rhebok $1,625
Sable $POR
Roan $POR
Black Springbuck $890
South African Springbuck $420
White Springbuck $890
Copper Springbuck $1,200
Steenbuck $420
Warthog $785
Waterbuck $2,850
Black Wildebeest $1,250
Blue Wildebeest $1,250
Burchell's Zebra $1,500
Cape Buffalo POR
Please note that not all species occur in the same concession.
Trophy fees subject to change.
Animals substituted from package animals at a 30% less trophy fee price. New animals will be at current trophy fee.


Feb - Nov


Professional hunter, tracker, skinner, meals, open bar, deluxe accommodations, permits/license, 14% tax, full camp staff, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, daily laundry, in-field transportation, airport meet and greet, round trip transportation from Port Elizabeth and trophy care. Sundays you may tour Addo Elephant Park, relax at the spa and/or enjoy a barbeque.


Hotel before and after hunt if needed
trophy fees on additional animals
Additional spa treatments
CITES permits - if needed
Shipping trophies

Firearm rental: $300 - 7-day package; $400 - 9-day package; $50/day day rate safaris, no charge for ammo.


Sample Itinerary
Day 1: Depart from home and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa
Day 2: Arrive in Johannesburg, Clear customs and overnight
WTA Travel can assist you with B&B and firearm transition service
Days 3: Morning flight to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where you will be met by the outfitter and transfer to camp

Your scheduled trip dates - full days

Departure Itinerary
Day 1: Depart camp for Port Elizabeth where you will take a domestic flight to Johannesburg
Upon arrival in Johannesburg you will collect your bags and re-check in for final international flight home
Day 2: Arrive in USA, clear customs and continue home

WTA strongly suggest you hire a transition service to assist you with clearing your firearms. Please call WTA Travel for further information at 1-800-884-9332.

Physical Requirement Level

Level 2 - These hunts are mostly conducted on private ranches. Species include mule deer, elk, antelope; additionally, some caribou and African plains game hunts. Moderate to light hiking each day in semi-mountainous terrain.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile.

Client Testimonial

"This was the greatest trip. Chris and I are so busy and this gave us an opportunity to reconnect. She was with me every step of the way. I will send you a detailed email when things get back to normal. She wanted all three springbok for the living room, so, she said that she would pay for it if I would shoot it. Tough bargain." R. Beissell

“Great hunt, great camp, great people, great service, great fun.” M. Brodner

"Aloha Frank, It was our best vacation ever! Thank you for making it so great." L. Boucher

"Frank said "You won't be disappointed." "No hidden charges" Boy was he right. Thanks Frank." L. Boucher

"My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon, and all I can say is South Africa is truly an amazing place. This outfitter is a s good as they get with excellent PH's, lodging, and meals. The staff makes you feel so welcome, while paying very close attention to detail. Truly an amazing trip." A. Freeman