Help Drawing the Tag of a Lifetime

Submit as many applications as possible

Don't make the mistake of applying for only one tag. These quality tags are extremely difficult to draw. For example, there is a game management unit in Arizona where your odds of drawing a rifle elk tag are 1 in 10. That means, statistically, if you applied every year for 10 years you should draw a tag only one time in this area - not very good. Now take a similar unit in New Mexico with the same 1 in 10 odds of drawing. If you applied for rifle elk in both Arizona and New Mexico, your odds of drawing one tag improve slightly. Not bad. Now add a mule deer Nevada application at 1 in 10 and your odds of drawing one tag improve yet again. It's these slight draw-odds improvements that separate the people who get to hunt in an awesome limited-entry area from the hunters who have to tough it out in an overcrowded maximum harvest unit, where tags are sold over the counter. Some people fear that by applying for multiple species in multiple states they will draw multiple tags in the same calendar year. This is very unlikely. Using the scenario above, your probability of drawing two tags in the same calendar year would be 1 in 100. Your probability of drawing all three tags would be 1 in 1,000.

Don't procrastinate and be persistent

Drawing a tag may take a while. The sooner you enroll with WTA TAGS the sooner you'll be hunting in a quality area. This is the most critical advice to follow. Don't give up if you're unsuccessful in the first few years. We cannot stress this enough. Continue to be persistent, and incredible tags will eventually come your way.

Always use the preference/bonus point programs available

Many states reward the people who have been waiting to draw a tag the longest. In other words, every year you are unsuccessful in drawing a tag, your odds improve for the next year. Some states charge for this advantage. It is well worth the investment. Under certain scenarios, this investment is essential to drawing the tag.

Apply with the most primitive weapon you feel comfortable using

There is an area on the Menu form that asks what type of weapon you will be applying with. Another way to increase your odds of drawing a tag is to apply muzzleloader or better yet, bow. Muzzleloader tags and bow tags are typically easier tags to draw than rifle tags. If you feel comfortable hunting with a muzzleloader or bow, apply for that tag.