How it works - 6 easy steps

1. Initial Consultation

When you decide you'd like professional assistance with applying for the very best big-game tags in the country call our office. During this phone conversation we will discover your perceived future big-game hunting aspirations. Then the expert licensing consultants of WTA TAGS will recommend application strategies consistent with your goals.

2. Mail or Fax Enrollment Forms

During this initial consultation, we will help you correctly prepare the enrollment forms found by downloading the application form located on the left-hand navigation bar. When these forms have been completed, you must fax or mail them to our office.

3. Invoice Confirmation

Once WTA TAGS receives your enrollment forms, we will review them making sure everything is complete and correct. We will then process them along with your credit card payment. You will receive a paid invoice in the mail within 10 days. This invoice will reflect and confirm your application selections for that year.

4. The Draw

At the appropriate time WTA TAGS will correctly submit your name into the draw for the applications you've selected.

5. If Successful

If a tag is drawn you will be immediately charged for its value. A representative of WTA TAGS will then notify you, by telephone, informing you of your good fortune. At this time we can recommend a reputable outfitter who specializes in the area/species drawn. You are not required to use a WTA TAGS endorsed outfitter for any tag drawn. You will not be notified if unsuccessful for any draw.

6. Renewal Time

Each year in November we will mail you your current Portfolio/Invoice. If you would like to re-apply for the coming year, it is your responsibility to call our office with your credit card to renew. A full review of your portfolio and any changes you would like to make can be handled during this phone call. Nothing appearing on your Portfolio/Invoice will be applied for until renewal payment is made.

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