Outfitter # 198

Private-land Mule Deer/Antelope Hunts



This outfitter owns 165,000 acres of beautiful wildlife habitat in northeastern Wyoming. In addition to the ground that is owned, they lease another 75,000 acres which puts their total huntable acreage at 240,000. That in itself is impressive but what really makes this place special is the amount of game that is thriving on these properties. Your hunting days will consist of waking up each morning in their very comfortable lodge and enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast. You will then make your way to the hunting grounds by way of 4x4 vehicle where you will hunt by way of glassing up the animals and then conducting a stalk. One thing you will notice immediately is the amount of game, it is incredible. Once you harvest your antelope or mule deer they will then take it to a meat processor in Gillette, they will have it turned around for you within 24hrs, they do a really nice job and take great care of your trophy. When your day is done you will return to the lodge and eat a great meal while watching one of the flat screen TVs or catching up with their WiFi access. The hunting on this enormous, unpressured ranch is fantastic. Antelope will average around 77 B&C with a few bucks making the Boone and Crocket record book each year. The average mule deer score around 165 to 170 B&C. Each year two or three lucky clients take deer that score in the 180's and 190's. 198


Mule Deer/Antelope  1x1 $8,000 2x1 $7,250 (4 Day Hunt)

Mule Deer 1X1 $6,500, 2X1 $6,000 (4 Day Hunt)

Rifle Antelope 1x1 $3,000 2x1 $2,750 (2 Day Hunt)

Archery Antelope $3,000 (3 Day Hunt)


Mule deer: October 1-20, 4-day guided hunt Antelope: September 24 - October 15, 2-day guided hunt.

Lodging, Meals, In-Field Transportation, and Infield Trophy Care
Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Meat Processing, Airfare, Gratuities, License, Taxidermy, Personal Items, and Beverages

Fly into Gillette, Wyoming. Outfitter will pick you up.

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

Wyoming licenses are on computer draw. State application deadline is May 31st

Deer - $389 (regular) $677 (special)

antelope - $341 (regular) $629 (special)

$15.50 Consevation Stamp

Outfitter will submit applications. Draw rates average near 100% for deer and antelope on most ranches. A hunter's safety card is required if born after Jan. 1, 1966.

Physical Requirement Level

Level 1 - These hunts are mostly farm or ranch hunts from stands or blinds. Includes substantial use of 4x4 pickups and/or ATVs. Mostly whitetail deer hunts are in this category.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile,ATV/UTV.