Outfitter # 061

Persian Ibex Hunting in New Mexico



Persian ibex, often referred to as Bezoar ibex were imported from Iran and released in 1970 on the isolated Florida (flo-rida) Mountains of southern, New Mexico. Numbers quickly soared with the first hunt taking place in 1974. Today over 400 animals roam the Floridas. Often referred to as “The Rock” the Floridas offer both a challenging, and often times rewarding hunting experience. This rugged landscape will test any hunter’s physical limitations as well as mental stamina. What keeps people applying is the fact that this is truly a very special trophy, in some of the most amazing country in the West.

Hunters can expect to glass from below until a suitable billy is found, at which time a stalk can be planned and executed. Shot distance can vary greatly depending on where the ibex are found. Hunters should be prepared to shoot 400 yards. Having an experienced guide who knows the access routes across the mountain is crucial and will save miles of tough walking. This knowledge will absolutely make for a more successful and enjoyable hunting experience. Our preferred ibex outfitter, and his team, have over 150 total successful hunts to their resume, including a 25% success rate on the archery hunts, which is well above the “norm”.

Draw odds for these coveted tags are difficult but can be greatly improved for the hunter willing to apply for rifle, muzzleloader and archery. It should be noted that scopes, sabots and pelletized powder are legal for use in New Mexico.

Youth: New Mexico has also set-aside specific ibex tags for youth hunters. If your child is under 18 years of age, has a Hunter’s Safety Card and is up for the challenge this is a great fit with season dates between Christmas and New Year’s. This will be the very best odds your child will ever have of drawing this amazing rifle tag. Remember, WTA TAGS applies kids free of charge – please inquire!

Archery: There are two different archery ibex hunts that take place on the Florida’s. The first hunt happens in early October, and the late hunt the second half of January. These archery hunts have very high odds of drawing. However, before applying, applicants should be aware that the success rates on these bow hunts have been 6%-8% for many years. It’s worth pointing out that this success rate jumps to around 25% with 95% shot opportunity, when successful applicants have hunted with our recommended TAGS’ outfitters. Hunting ibex with archery equipment can be an incredible experience, but this is not for the faint of heart and should not be taken lightly.

Call WTA TAGS today to talk about applying for this amazing opportunity – world class ibex hunting without leaving the United States!!


$5,500 plus 8% sales tax, 5 Day Hunt (additional days can be purchased)


Rifle (Once in a Lifetime) - Late November

Muzzleloader- Early December

Youth – Between Christmas and New Years

Archery - Early October and Late January


Guide service, trophy care and in-field transportation.


Travel expenses, hotels & meals in Deming, NM, license, gratuity, taxidermy and meat processing


Fly to El Paso TX, rent a vehicle and drive to the Florida Mountains just outside of Deming, New Mexico

Approximate License & Tag(s) Cost

$1610 - Computer draw – deadline mid-March. Contact WTA TAGS for professional application assistance 1-800-755-8247

Physical Requirement Level

Level 4 - All sheep hunts, goat, most grizzly and brown bear, some mountain lion and elephant. The terrain and/or animals can involve some dangerous situations. These hunts will probably require extreme physical endurance and some athletic ability.

Additional Information
Approach: Spot and Stalk.
Equipment: Automobile,ATV/UTV.